IFA 2014 tends to bring a lot of typical technology and it’s latest incarnations. Mobile phones, TV’s, some wearable technology.

Panasonic decided to devote a large amount of effort to really make our head spin. They showcased some of the most cutting-edge smart home technology.


Panasonic still see the TV as being the central hub to your smarthome. With a 4k TV that will tell you when your dinner is ready, email notifications and even let you know how your tesla car’s charging is getting on. Definitely some exciting things going on at Panasonic's R&D department.

You couldn’t walk past their interactive mirror without taking notice (a large 4K mirrored screen). This “mirror” has a HUD which allows you to digitally apply makeup and test out new looks, all without touching any of your makeup. You can also see how you look in certain lighting conditions (club, office etc.)

This was, unfortunately, a purely conceptual piece that is unlikely to make it to full production, it did give us a glimpse into the future however. (Our editor was unwilling to give it a shot for a photo opportunity)

Moving away from the ultra-futuristic area, we were pleased to see many home security and monitoring devices that were on show and likely to be available in the near-future.


The Panasonic Home Network System will allow you to create a wireless system of cameras, sensors and smart plugs. All of which can be controlled by a single app, the system will also allow you to use your tablet or smartphone as a landline.


Continuing with the home security theme, Panasonic had their Camera Manager software and hardware on show. Demonstrating this powerful cloud-based surveillance system on mobiles, tablets and laptops.

This system will allow you to check and monitor your home from anywhere with an internet connection, thus giving you peace of mind when you are out of town for a while.

More from our time at IFA 2014 throughout the week.