iDECT X1 Review

The good Editors rating 9/10
The bad
Conclusion Customer rating 9/10

They say looks aren’t everything but when it comes to purchasing a new cordless phone, most would admit that they can be swayed by a ‘sexy’ phone. This is precisely what iDECT are banking on and its no surprise they have a series of designer phones to turn your eye.

At around £25-£30 for the a single handset version, its not an expensive phone but how would it fair in our tests? Set up was generally quite easy but we didn’t notice the battery installation is a bit fiddly. The batteries are also an unusual size which no doubt will make them hard to find should they need replacing. Fortunately you can buy the 2/3 AAA batteries if need be here.

The slim, half cylindrical shaped handset is available in black and a silver/black combination. There is good spacing around the very small and un-user friendly buttons.