The Jabra Go 6470 is a top-range Bluetooth headset designed for blended telephony environments. You can connect it to both a landline and a computer simultaneously, and it includes a dock with a touch­screen controller for quick and easy setup. The following explains how to set up the Jabra Go 6470 for use with your PC softphone:

  • Connect the provided power cable to the headset's base station, and a sound should play as the system starts up.
  • Choose your language when the touchscreen lights up to continue with the setup process.
  • Place the headset in the charging base.
  • Choose to connect to a PC softphone, and connect the provided USB cable between the desktop or laptop computer and the headset base station.
  • Choose your softphone vendor from the list which appears on the setup screen, or choose 'Other' if your provider isn't listed.
  • Choose 'No' for the remaining options, and the setup process will be complete.

Go 6470