Throughout the duration of lockdown, the way that we went about our daily life dramatically changed. The pressures of the daily commute and office environment were no more. People were spending more time inside and were unable to travel due to the restrictions in place. Life had come to what felt like a grinding halt.

However, it is in these moments where we place a much greater emphasis on escapism. Finding ways to distract the mind and carve out a daily routine to stick to. People began exploring the local parks and woods. Secluded areas that were once unknown to many became popular walking spots. It was almost as though many were getting back in touch with nature.

As a direct result of this, many have become invested in wildlife observation. Birdwatching has become ever popular once again as a result of the ongoing pandemic. The British Trust for Ornithology states that their membership has doubled since March 2020. In addition to this, the RSPB found that two thirds of UK residents found solace in watching birds during lockdown.

Therefore, it is clear that wildlife observation and birdwatching is on the rise within the UK. Many have found peace in the escapism that nature can offer - especially with how tough things have been recently. However, if you have not already involved with birdwatching, it is not too late to join in.

The involvement of families has been a key component with the rise of popularity of birdwatching. There are very few family activities that are as flexible as this. Children can participate in birdwatching at any time and any place. Furthermore, getting ready to participate with birdwatching has become increasingly more accessible. This includes the free resources available on the RSPB website.

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Benefits of Birdwatching


There are a wealth of benefits available with birdwatching and this has led to the increase in popularity. The main reason that this has become so popular at this time is that is revolves around being outside. This has become crucial throughout the months in lockdown. Birdwatching has become a great source of entertainment and allows for the full family to participate. This is an activity that is open to all. Regardless of age and ability, you will find that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Birdwatching has been a value source of entertainment and education for children throughout the last year. There are not many better ways to get your child outside and learning at the same time. Whether they are exploring outside or from the house, you can be sure they will be learning as they go. Binoculars which are suitable for children are readily available and we have even curated our own guide for this.

Participating in birdwatching and wildlife observation provides many benefits to your mental health. Studies have shown that immersing yourself within nature helps to reduce stress. This also helps maintain a healthy mind and brings opportunity for peace and quiet. In addition to this, the change of scenery helps to boost these factors. With everything that has been happening recently, it is easy to see why this has become so popular.  Furthermore, birdwatching offers a boost to your physical health. Getting out and walking through woods or local parks is great for your wellbeing. Even just venturing out in your garden helps to promote benefits within your physical health.


How Do I Get Started? 


To begin with birdwatching, you will want to select a suitable pair of binoculars. This will vary depending on the person and it is important that you get this right. This will greatly benefit you when looking for birds or wildlife from different ranges. The most important part to understand is the magnification power and the objective lenses size.

The magnification power will impact how far you can see with the binoculars. The diameter of the objective lenses will determine how much light can be taken in. This features will greatly impact the image quality through the binoculars. Binoculars that offer a higher magnification power and objective lenses will normally be larger and heavier.

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If you are looking to buy binoculars for children, then I would recommend starting with the Viking Badger Cub (£34.99). These lightweight binoculars are perfect for beginners. The binoculars offer high quality lenses at an affordable price. In addition to this, they come with travel accessories to ensure they are kept safe during use.

There are a number of smaller binoculars currently available. For example, models such as the Celestron Outland X Binoculars (£49.99) are a slight step up in regards to the size of the unit. However, this is still suitable for children to use and will provide them with a great first experience with binoculars.

Celestron Outland X 8x25 Binoculars


There are a wealth of options available for teenagers and adults who are looking to begin their birdwatching journey. The binoculars available begin to take a jump up in quality and size in comparison to the more child-friendly binoculars. This allows for a higher quality image and for a more focused zoom. These binoculars will suit both beginners and intermediate users.

Binoculars such as the Viking Badger 8x32 (£84.95) are a perfect example. The Viking range focuses on providing high quality lenses at an affordable price, and these binoculars are no exception. Providing a perfect blend of multi-coated lenses with a lightweight weatherproof design makes them extremely good value.

The Viking Badger Binoculars focus on creating the highest quality image possible. The addition of multi-coated optics allows for minimal light loss which creates the HD image. In addition to this, a wide field-of-view is available to help with tracking a target. This makes these binoculars perfect for first-time users thanks to how accessible it is.

If price is not a factor, models such as the Viking Kestrel ED 8x42 (£214.95) provide the highest quality. These binoculars provide the same quality as high-end models but come available at a more cost-effective price. Everything that you could possibly need is available with the Viking Kestrel ED range.

Viking Kestrel ED 8x42 Binoculars


Superb image quality is a guarantee thanks to the mix of multi-coated optics and Extra Low Dispersion lenses. These lenses help to reduce colour fringe to help create a perfect image. This gives these binoculars a crucial edge over many other binoculars within the same price range. Furthermore, the Viking Kestrel ED binoculars will work in all light conditions. This makes them the perfect choice for guaranteed results all year round.

Finally, the Viking Kestrel ED binoculars are ready for use in all weather conditions. This is largely due to the weatherproof design and rubber-armour finish that is present here. Built for use in the Great British weather, these binoculars will not let you down. In addition to this, these binoculars also come with additional accessories including a travel case.

A full product review for the Viking Kestrel ED is currently available on our website.

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There has never been a better time to start birdwatching. The activity is on a constant rise in popularity with more people participating throughout lockdown. As the Summer months approach, it is the perfect time to get outside and start spotting.

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate user, the perfect set of binoculars . The binoculars on offer vary in sizes depending on exactly what you need. Each will be suitable for all outdoor activities such as birdwatching or hiking. Now is the time to pick up some binoculars and participate.

For a full list of reviews and guides, check out our 'Binoculars & Birding' section. This includes full product reviews of individual binoculars to ensure you have as much information as possible.

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