A Home Phone with Mobile Features - Siemens Gigaset SL565 Review

We all knew that it was only a matter of time before cordless phone makers started implementing Bluetooth into their feature set.  The Siemens Gigaset SL565 is incorporated with this technology and more, boasting a stylish look and an easy hands-free function that will make you look cooler than a member of the Star Trek Enterprise.


We can all understand the concept of using Bluetooth for your mobile handset, but you are probably wondering what purpose it will serve in the home.  Then again, the Gigaset SL565 is well suited for the home and office setting, making Bluetooth one of its best features.  Aside from giving you the ability to go hands-free, you can send and receive SMS text messages as well.  Text messages can be sent to four separate boxes, each box with enough memory to store up to 50 messages.  This comes in handy for the family of avid text messengers.  There is also an integrated phonebook which lets you store up to 250 entries, each with three numbers, an email and home address and appointment details.

Similar to a mobile phone, the Siemens Gigaset SL565 offers convenience by allowing you to configure specific ring tones and assign images to your contacts.  So if the wife is calling to ask what time you will be in from the game, you have the option of telling her you are heading to the after party or letting her converse with the built-in answering machine.  Since the answering machine records up to 35 minutes in digital messages, she is sure to leave you a detailed expression of her feelings.

The Gigaset SL565 is simple to use, due in large part to the 65,000 colour display that makes it easy to read your text messages and contact info.  The keypad also simplifies your communications as it features a set of easy accessible buttons that allow you to quickly flip through the menus.  A Bluetooth headset can be connected to the device with ease and allows you to transfer your contact entries from another Bluetooth-enabled phone.  Up to six handsets can be registered at the base station which is great when new employees come onboard or one of the kids finally earns their own phone.

Overall Impression

The Gigaset SL565 was impressive in every category.  This cordless handset has the look and feel of a mobile phone and many similar features.  The range and sound quality is excellent and having the ability to store contacts and communicate via text message is a nice addition to the home phone environment.  If you are looking for an upgrade over some of the lackluster handsets by BT and Motorola, we recommend the Gigaset SL565 - hands down one of the best DECT phones out there.