Constructing your own home office can be an exciting part of working from home. Getting the chance or organise everything exactly as you want it, to pick your own supplies and decide exactly what you need can be a liberating and fulfilling experience.

But as much fun as it can be if you know what you're doing, it can be equally overwhelming if you don't quite get what you need. Since a well furnished office with tools readily at hand breeds productivity, its important to get everything you need to promote your growing business.

To help you along your quest a bit, I've prepared a quick checklist of items I absolutely must have for any home office!

1. Office Phone

What would an office be without a phone? Even as mobiles become the preferred mode of communication for many, having an office phone has its benefits, giving your business its own dedicated land line connection.

Quality modern phones, like the Panasonic KX-PRS120 include all sorts of helpful features for home offices, from headset integration to conference calling features and integrated digital answering machines.


2. A High Quality Ergonomic Chair

If working in your office involves sitting for extended – as it does for practically everyone – then before any other piece of equipment in your office, the chair is of foremost importance.

Essential to your health, comfort, and productivity, the chair is something which is easy to overlook. Yet as plenty of office workers with chronic back pain can tell you, long hours sitting can be exceptionally taxing on the body!

Healthy habits such as regular stretching and breaks can help to prevent and mitigate this, but perhaps the most influential thing one can do is to invest in a quality chair.

Select one which is well suited to your size and how you prefer to sit, as well as being at a comfortable level from your desk to prevent strain.

3. Digital Backup

This is probably the cornerstone of my home office at this point, since it has saved me many times from catastrophe. Take regular backups on some kind of system which is completely external from your office computer and network.

For me, this takes the form of several external hard drives and a personal server I keep in my home office. For those with less digital data essential for their business, storage could take the form of something as simple as a USB flash drive or a cloud-based service.

Though it might seem like a nonessential, you'll quickly realise just how much regular backups improve productivity the first time you suffer data loss!


4. All-In-One Printer

Even if you're shooting for a super Eco conscious paperless office, it would be silly not to at least have an all-in-one printer on hand, just because of how ridiculously useful they are.

Pretty much a miracle for the modern office world, these all-in-one printers take the role of copy machines, fax machines, scanners, and printers all in one package small enough to sit on a desktop.

What Else?

Got something that your home office just can't do without? Let us know in the comments!