The telephone headset has become a common feature in today's workplace.  Not only do these devices enable easy communications, they also make for a more productive and healthier work environment.

Headsets play a tremendous role in boosting productivity in the workplace.  Anybody that has ever used one will agree that they offer a simple, yet effective solution to the irritating issue of using two hands or trying to balance an uncomfortable phone between your shoulder and ear.  A headset allows you to carry out an important conversation while maintaining easy mobility and great comfort.  This gives you the ability to use your two free hands to accomplish important tasks, such as typing on the computer, filing papers or just enjoying a sip of coffee.

The Numbers Don't Lie

A recent study by HB Maynard & Co., an American research firm, reveals that headsets considerably improved productivity in the office and also reduced issues of downtime related to common telephones.  In this particular study, employees from four different companies were monitored for a period of eight days, where more than 2,000 of their calls were catalogued.

Some of the employees were provided with traditional handsets, while others were given headsets.  The employees were monitored closely, observed for how long it took them to make calls, along with the productivity difference between typing with one and two hands.

Conclusive results showed that productivity was increased by 43% in employees using the headsets!  The time spent making routine phone calls was reduced significantly, allowing them to complete an average of 16 more calls per day.

Headset Health Benefits

Aside from offering convenience and boosting productivity, headsets also straighten your posture and are good for your overall health.  Believe it or not, holding a phone between your ear and shoulder is the primary source of the neck and back pains you may be experiencing, a condition office workers have termed as "phone neck."

Furthermore, these neck and back pains are the major reason employees are missing work.  A 2006 survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development shows that this factor costs organizations an estimated £600 per employee each year.  Other studies have shown that using a headset, rather than a traditional handset, can help to alleviate these common ailments.  Research from the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in California reveals that wearing a headset can reduce muscle tension by as much as 41%.

A Happier and Healthier Workplace

Results from the studies above are enough to prove that headsets not only increase productivity, but also promote comfort, which ultimately leads to smarter, healthier working.  The management team is happy that production is up, while the employees appreciate access to technology that enables them to perform at their full capacity.