Use Your Head More Effectively with Sennheiser

When it comes to headsets, sound quality and comfort is vital, especially in today’s demanding mobile workforce.  Thankfully, Sennheiser has you covered with several new solutions for the call centre and home office.

VMX 100

Efficient and attractive, the VMX 100's ergonomic design makes a nice compliment to its enhanced sound clarity and noise reduction.  Compact and lightweight, a 3D ball joint offers a personalized fit for the ultimate in comfort.  This personalization extends to the microphone which can be easily adjusted to a position that suits you best.  Durable and highly sophisticated, the Sennheiser VMX 100 is user-friendly and compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones.

Weighing in at only 17 grams, this headset is discrete and stores comfortably right in your pocket.

VMX Office

Building on the success of the VMX 100 is the Sennheiser VMX.Office.  While the 100 is exclusive to mobile phones, the Office version is designed for mobile and office phones, making it the perfect solution for the busy professional.  Well designed and lightweight, the VMX Office provides comfort sure to last throughout a long work day, an invaluable attribute for heavy VoIP users.  Switching between the office, mobile phone and PC is made at the touch of a button while a 35 meter range allows you to effectively communicate away from the desk.  Just like the VMX 100, this headset automatically powers up when opened and conveniently shuts down when closed.  The VMX Office is so comfortable that you just might forget its on your ear by the time the day ends.

BW 900

The relationship between office phones and Bluetooth-enabled devices has never been happier thanks to the Sennheiser BW 900.  This wireless office headset is the first to provide multi-connectivity over a 100 meter range.  With the BW 900, you have ability to make or receive hands-free calls on any phone from almost anywhere in the call centre.  Offering great flexibility, it allows you to effortlessly switch between calls on your office phone and Bluetooth-enabled device with the simple push of a button.  Featuring Sennheiser’s Adaptive Intelligence technology, the BW 900 offers personalized comfort and enhanced speech transmission by filtering out background noises.  Highly compatible, this wireless headset works with a range of Bluetooth devices from mobile phones and PDAs to laptop computers.

CC 510

Offering exceptional sound quality and comfort, the CC 510 is a robust monaural headset with enough durability to withstand a few bumps and bruises.  Similar to a home phone, sound is delivered to one ear, making the device easy to get adjusted to.  ActiveGard technology safeguards the ear from acoustic burst while the adjustable boom microphone is built with noise technology for optimal clarity.  Designed with the office worker in mind, the headband has comfort pads with additional padding for the ear cap, ensuring maximum comfort over an extended period of time. The Sennheiser CC 510 is built to last and suited for all types of professional communications.

SH 230

The Sennheiser SH 230 is an entry-level device that offers all the quality and comfort of a premium headset.  Boasting an over-the-head monaural style, the SH 230 is designed with ActiveGard technology and acoustical foam cushions to deliver audio safely into your ear.  The headband is detachable, allowing you to easily make the upgrade to an ear clip model.  Extremely lightweight and compact, the SH 230 is the most affordable headset in the Sennheiser lineup.