Coming soon to liGo is the multitasking Siemens Gigaset A580 IP.  Combining tons of features and high-quality performance into an ergonomically pleasing design, this device is the perfect solution for crystal clear internet telephony.

Dual-mode and Multi-line Capability

With the Gigaset A580 IP, you have two ways to dial up your friends with the ability to switch between internet and fixed-line calls at the simple press of a button.  1 fixed-line and up to 2 VoIP calls can be made at the same time, giving you several options for staying in touch with your loved ones.  The multi-line feature allows you to register up to 6 handsets and 6 SIP accounts with different providers.  Offering great convenience, the Gigaset A580 IP provides various ways to communicate all without the need of a computer.

Excellent Sound Quality with HDSP Technology

Designed with an innovative technology known as High Definition Sound Performance, the Gigaset A580 IP lets you enjoy the best in sound quality.  When using VoIP, you will experience no hissing or distortion - just superb clarity and phenomenal voice reproduction.  The A580 IP performs even better when calling someone who has an HDSP-equipped phone.  It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you’re at in the home, the basic phone call will sound virtually identical to a face-to-face conversation.

Free Giganet Services

Having the power to make phone calls over the internet is splendid, however, making internet calls at no charge is even better.  When purchasing the Gigaset A580 IP, you automatically qualify for Siemens’ exclusive network community.  The service allows you to make free internet calls to anyone that has a Gigaset IP-based phone.  Anytime, anywhere, you can chat over VoIP with no reliance on an ISP.   Additionally, you have access to services from Siemens partners such as a weather forecast, eBay’s Bid Watcher and RSS feeds from the web - all delivered to your cordless phone with the screensaver function.  Throw in access to an online phone book, for a quick search of your contacts, and you have a handset that works in perfect harmony with the internet.

Energy-efficient Calls with ECO DECT

Thanks to ECO DECT, Siemens’ new innovative technology, the Gigaset A580 IP remains conscious of the environment while you make calls.  Built with energy-saving components, the handset cuts energy consumption up to 60% in comparison to the average cordless phone.  Following the trend of other Gigasets, the A580 IP reduces transmission power from the handset to the base station based on their distance apart.  The new ECO Mode feature allows you to manually reduce transmission power by up to 80%.  As long as the phone is docked on the base, transmission is reduced to nearly zero.  These are invaluable benefits that ultimately help you save money and contribute to the environment at the same time.

Very attractive, highly functional and easy to use, the Gigaset A580 lets you keep in touch with loved ones all of the world.  Making internet calls without a PC has never been more convenient.