Recently, I've been charged with identifying a budget phone here at liGo with just the essential features. When I say essential features, I mean good wireless range, great audio, ergonomic design, caller ID, and perhaps a digital answer machine. The Binatone Veva 1720 DECT cordless phone has all these for just about £20, and more.

veva1720_largeEasy to set up and use

The Binatone Veva 1720 has a basic look comprising a black plastic body and a small screen above the keypad. It has a button that gives you direct access to the address book for quick access to a maximum of 20 numbers stored in the internal memory.

There is also a menu button that lets you access the heart of the phone, so you can read messages or play around with the settings for the ringer, including the number of rings before a call is redirected to the answer machine, editing or adding contacts in the phonebook, and much more.

Integrated answer machine

It is a basic system, but just as practical as any other, with the ability to record up to 15 minutes of messages. There is a screen on the base unit where you can view the number of recorded messages, and play or delete them.

Very practical phone

The Binatone Veva 1720 is expandable up to five handsets, if you live in a large home and need one in close proximity at all times. You can have a unique ringtone for each handset, and when you don’t recall where you placed the handset, there is a “find” button on the base unit that causes the handset to ring, so you can locate it.


Should you buy this cordless phone?

Definitely. With all those features, it is amazing that the Veva 1720 handset has a standby time of 100 hours and 7 hours of talk-time. Even better, I found the phone to have great sound quality, with a strong signal even when standing 20-30 metres away from the base. The manufacturer says you can stretch the range to 50 metres indoors and 300 metres outdoors in optimum conditions.