Since its earliest days the internet has first and foremost been a method of communication. With the brilliance of technical genius and the modern wizardry of the digital environment, today’s computers are capable of communicating using virtually every medium available – text, audio, visual.

This grand flexibility has led computers with Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology to come to challenge the landline telephone (a device which is virtually unrivalled in worldwide ubiquity) as a primary option for handling phone calls.

Feature Rich

Gigaset S795 IPThe land line is simple and often tethered to some antiquated contracts and phone company practises. While some phone systems have features like contact books, caller identification, speed dial, call logs and so forth, the capabilities of a land line vary widely depending both on the service and the phone used.

In contrast, most VoIP solutions are designed with feature rich “soft phones” which are packed with all the aforementioned features and much more, fused with the user-friendly nature of a modern piece of software and offering extensive call logs, easy access voice mail, caller identification, virtually unlimited easy-to-manage contact lists and more.

Where Ever, When Ever

VoIP services tend to be quite liberal with traditional ideas of “long distance” - often VoIP providers do not add any additional long distance calling fees with the exception of some international calls. In contrast, traditional landline phone services often charge for long distance based on area code and often do not allow any form of long distance or international calling without the proper phone plan, or apply heavy fees.

Mobility & Flexibility

VoIP set ups are completely integrated with the normal phone system. If you would like someone to reach your VoIP service, you can provide them with a normal phone number. Upon calling, they will have no indication you are using a VoIP service.

VOIP on mobiles

Exactly like a regular landline, your number will remain constant and static allowing you to be reached by anyone who calls it. Unlike a regular landline, however, your VoIP services are mobile and can typically be accessed from any computer as well as smart phones and other devices depending on the specific service. This opens up a whole new world of mobility and flexibility in handling your calls.


Overall, VoIP services have managed to offer every feature of a landline and often do so cheaper and more effectively. However, the classic simplicity of the humble landline telephone is not to be underestimated and remains a powerful tool of communication even in the world of high tech VoIP soft phones.