Maintaining contact lists is an essential part of staying in the loop in the modern world. An up to date contact list allows you to quickly and easily access and index phone numbers, e-mail and physical addresses, names, and more. Keeping all of this information coherently organised and easily accessible can be a job by itself.

Especially for those who use multiple devices, such as a house hold phone with programmable contact list feature and a smart phone, having every contact list completely up to date is a chore. Fortunately, the Gigaset company has come up with an innovative and easy to use solution to bridge the gap between multiple contact lists.

Introducing The Gigaset ContactsPush App

Simplifying modern communications into a single, easy to use system, Gigaset has pioneered an app which works to quickly synchronise your contact list from your Android or iOS device with a compatible Gigaset fixed line handset. With the press of a button, the app compares contact lists and makes any changes necessary to keeping your unified contact list completely up to date. It does all of this completely wirelessly – connecting to your home network in order to access the phones data. The simplicity of the app combined with its wireless capabilities allows for hassle free usage whenever you feel the need to make some updates or acquire new contacts. Seamlessly connect your devices at the press of a button – no fussing with wires or connections.


Saving Time And Hassle

Manual data entry can be tedious and taxing on the mind and body. With ContactsPush, what could have been hundreds of key presses is reduced to a single button press, which seamlessly updates the Gigaset handset with every detail of your smart phones contact list. ContactsPush can be found completely free on the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android users. The app is compatible with Android versions 4 and above and iOS versions 6 and above AND of course with every recent Gigaset phone, like the S795 series.

Manage Multiple Phone Handsets

Gigaset's technology is designed to allow for an integrated whole of your homes phone systems. Utilising IP base stations, a Gigaset system can handle multiple handsets as a single whole system. The ContactsPush app allows you to select between the various handsets and select which your contact info is shared with. This allows multiple people within the same household to maintain different contact lists on their individual handsets, much like they would on a personal mobile phone. Up to six handsets can be supported. To add an additional layer of customisation, ContactsPush allows users to select between sharing their entire contact list or simply transferring specified, individual entries for complete control over what data is shared.

Looking Forward Towards Innovation

The ContactsPush app represents a milestone in Gigaset's long term goal of achieving a highly integrated communications environment. Their phone systems and features like ContactsPush allow users devices to truly work for them. Rather than spending precious time inputting, editing and configuring a phone, this streamlined process allows users to focus completely on the primary function of the device, improving their efficiency and extracting greater value from their interactions with technology.