Gigaset SL785 IP VoIPThere’s no doubt about it – Gigaset is seriously impressing us right now with its telecommunications innovations. We just published a preview of Gigaset Elements – set to hit the UK market shortly with its modular sensory based security monitoring that connects directly to your smartphone. But that’s not all those clever Gigaset people have been up to lately. Leaders in DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications), Gigaset are launching a whole host of forward thinking products designed to drive the future of communications, under the umbrella of “Gigaset 2015”.

What’s Gigaset’s latest idea all about?

gigaset elemnts door

Today, one of Gigaset’s main focuses is driving smart landline technology. What does that mean? Well, it’s all to do with harnessing the power of today’s broadband technology and integrating it with phone communications for better quality, better performance and easy internet access via your phone.
Our expectations of broadband performance are so much higher these days. A recent survey by Halifax revealed that 30% of people would let the standard of broadband affect their choice of area when moving home. 20% of participants also said they would pay more for broadband to achieve optimum performance.

Gigaset is capitalising on this trend by integrating landline and broadband technology to achieve a whole host of benefits. They include “in the same room” sound quality on internet calls, configuration between phone and internet services without needing a PC, and double bandwidth transmission for wideband audio quality with eliminated background noise.

So which Gigaset products should I look out for?

Here’s a few that particularly tickle our fancy...

Gigaset Android Cordless landline phone:

Announced in September 2012, this is a new breed of phone that harnesses broadband technology to bring online features to your handset. It’s the first landline phone that gives access to Google Play and you can download more than 600,000 mobile apps directly to your handset. Plus Gigaset will be looking to develop and roll out its own apps, so this is one worth keeping an eye on.

Gigaset C610IP:

Offering HD Sound quality on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls, this model is also geared up to handle up to 3 landline or online calls in parallel, and even let you access your Facebook, Twitter and eBay accounts via your handset.

Gigaset SL785 IP VoIP Bluetooth phone:

Tipped as meeting the highest technological and environmental standards, this is a smart hybrid phone that switches effortlessly between landline and online calls. You can easily sync your PC contacts book with the handset, keep track of your schedule via the calendar function, and add up to 6 extra handsets so that up to 3 users can make different calls on the system at the same time. The SL785 also features new ECO Plus functionality that cuts power consumption by up to 80% as well as shutting transmitting power off during standy mode to ensure you’re minimising your energy consumption.

To get all the latest Gigaset models at discounted rates you can browse and buy online here. Or check out our preview of the new Gigaset Elements system – set to hit the UK market any day now.