Gigaset SL930You can always rely on Gigaset for innovation, and the much anticipated Gigaset SL930 and Gigaset SL930A Android phone for landline is no exception. Launched to the trade in late 2012, this clever new development in cordless landline technology is set to hit the UK market very soon – so naturally we’re on it with the first details of what you can expect from this model.

Download, play and call to your heart’s content

Gigaset’s claim that the SL930 (and SL930A version with built in answer machine) will “set new standards in landline telephony” seems pretty ambitious. But looking at the capabilities they’ve introduced it doesn’t seem to be too far from the truth. An intuitive touch screen operated menu has the iPhone-type look and feel that we all feel more than comfortable with these days. As do the pre-installed apps, with additional access to more than 600,000 new apps via Google Play. It’s all the fun and functionality of a mobile, but with the secure and predictable call quality of a landline.

Gigaset lead the way with cloud based synching technology


Here’s another innovation that today’s users will really appreciate. With their latest update of the “Gigaset Quick Sync” software it will be possible to synch your Google contacts with the SL930 (or any Quick Sync compatible cordless phone) via the Cloud. If you’re a MAC user you haven’t been forgotten, with the option to compare contacts through iCloud. That’s going to be seriously helpful to busy users looking for maximum efficiency and convenience through their landline phone.

Want it? Pre-order now

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