Gigaset SL 910a

We recently introduced the Gigaset SL910A, one of the latest products in a portfolio that’s transforming the power of communication. Alongside Gigaset’s SL930, the company’s pioneering use of smart landline technology and their new modular security system Gigaset Elements (due to hit the market any day now), the SL910a is yet another example of Gigaset’s boundary breaking adaptation of tried and tested technology to achieve advanced functionality for the modern user.

Key features of the SL910a

Touchscreen user interface: In this handsome and contemporary looking model Gigaset have incorporated features that we usually associate with our smartphones. A 3.2” intuitive touch screen controls all functions in the phone quickly and easily. You can operate commands and monitor caller IDs and connectivity – as well as having a little bit of fun. Upload your favourite photos to display as a screensaver when the phone’s on standby. Install snapshots of your contacts so that you can recognise the caller at a glance. Plus, organisation of the phone’s functions into three simple home screens makes navigating the technology incredibly easy.

Gigaset SL 910a

Simple message management: You’ll never miss an important message again, thanks to the handset’s ability to alert you as soon as a message arrives even when you’re not nearby. Gigaset have given you a comprehensive 55 minutes of message time, plus a useful skip back function that allows you to repeat the message from the point you choose, rather than having to trawl through the whole message from the beginning. You can even record conversations – particularly handy for business calls, or if you need to get meeting details and don’t have a pen handy.

Great organisational features: Once again Gigaset have approached their design with the modern user in mind, incorporating a number of lifestyle management features that we think you’ll appreciate. They include call tracking, a clock, calendar and alarm, as well as a phone directory that can store up to 500 vCard entries with up to 8 numbers per contact.

Hands-free anytime: Because the Gigaset SL 910a is Bluetooth enabled you can easily pair the phone with a headset – we recommend adding to the mix with the fully compatible L410 speakerphone clip for superior hands-free performance, whatever you’re doing. You can also use Bluetooth to sync the phone with your Outlook contacts – plus the handy USB port enables picture and music downloads to customise your screen and ringtones.

Environmentally friendly with ECO mode: Gigaset lends a helping hand to the environment and your electricity bill with ECO mode, which can reduce the power consumption of the base unit by up to 80%. The phone monitors the distance of the handset to the base station, varying transmission power accordingly in order to optimise power savings.

Adaptable to your style: Gigaset have delivered an elegant design in this model – but you can put your own stamp on it with the pictures and ringtones of your choice, including ringtones created from your favourite music.