The Siemens Gigaset SL910A is one of Gigaset’s top range digital cordless phones; boasting a genuine metal frame and charging cradle, large 3.2” touchscreen, an array of DECT features and a premium price tag to boot.



Design & build

The Gigaset SL910A strikes an eye-catching and elegant appearance; the large touchscreen, genuine metal frame and charging cradle does set it apart from your standard cordless phone. The base is somewhat of a disappointment; a plain plastic black box – but as this is used to simply connect to your phone line and can be hidden from view this is a minor quibble.

Overall, the build quality of the SL910A is excellent. It feels solid and Gigaset use premium quality materials to manufacture their DECT phones and this is clearly discernible with the SL910A.

Ease of use & set-up

Set-up is pretty straightforward; just a case of plug and play. There are various features that can be configured and set-up – the extensive phonebook for instance can be synchronised with contacts from your PC or laptop. It’s not the easiest process – but far more appealing than entering each manually.

The touchscreen is very responsive, and a vast improvement on Gigaset’s previous touchscreen phone, the hybrid S820A. There is minimal lag and the three physical keys make it easier to navigate through the menus and place calls.

As with most Gigaset phones, the included instructions are pretty lengthy but well laid out and easy to use for looking up certain features.

Sound quality

The sound quality on Gigaset phones are dependably good, and the SL910A is no exception. On our test calls the clarity of sound was excellent, and the handsfree loudspeaker is good (although one downside is that the handset can’t be stood up straight so needs to be laid flat so doesn’t project as well as some others). The maximum volume on calls and ringer is reasonable; definitely not the loudest but would be fine for anyone without hearing difficulties.

Sl910 3
The quality of audio recordings on the answering machine were also good, you can change the record quality (higher setting equals less recording time) and need to balance what’s more important. However, even on the lowest setting we were able to make out the message without issue.


Whilst the SL910A boasts a wealth of features befitting of its premium price tag packed with features to take advantage of, we’ll start with the basics first.

There is

  • a memory for up to 1,000 contacts (3 numbers & 1picture per entry),
  • a digital answering machine (accessible from handset only) with a record time of up to 60 minutes,
  • Picture Caller ID,
  • Calendar,
  • Clock,
  • Alarm,
  • Room Monitoring,
  • Loudspeaker,
  • Intercom,
  • Call Transfer,
  • Call Lists,
  • Last Number Redial

...the list goes on and you can check out the full spec here.

Now on to the more advanced features: it also boasts a few high-end perks, such as Bluetooth (ideal for hands-free calls if you have an old Bluetooth headset kicking about), and the expansive phonebook memory can be managed conveniently via Gigaset’s QuickSync software, which enables you to transfer contacts from your PC or laptop (via USB or Bluetooth).

This can also be used to add images to contacts stored on your phone for Picture Caller ID; or store alternative screensavers to the clock. You can also personalise the SL910A by importing your own ringtones.

Range & battery life

When we tested the SL910A for range we were able to get over 45 metres from the base before the call started to break up, and we were similarly impressed with the outdoor range as well. As with all Gigaset cordless phones, the SL910A is repeater compatible so it’s possible extend the range if you live in a larger home.

Gigaset Sl910A

Earlier in the year, the Gigaset SL910A made it onto our list of the Top 5 Cordless Phones with Long Battery Life, so rest assured this isn’t something you need to worry about.


Despite using up more power than more basic phones (due to its colour display, touchscreen) it is packing a 1,300 mAh Li-Ion battery so you can expect more than a full day of continuous talking on a single charge, and over a week’s battery life on standby. As with all Gigaset DECT phones, the SL910A also comes with ECO mode and ECO Mode+, which reduces the power consumption.


The Gigaset SL910A is a stylish touchscreen home cordless phone, which delivers plenty of features, great sound quality, and unparalleled build quality.