The Siemens Gigaset SL910A was spring-boarded by Gigaset in November 2011 and the reviews have been continuously singing it's praises since.  Perhaps you could say that I am a bit late in writing this review, but personally reviews that are made later tend to be more accurate.

After we all calm down rom the adverts and odly launch videos, we start to see the products for what they really are.  For this reason, I have chosen to wait my time until it felt was right....

Of course, all a pack of lies and the truth is that I haven't been unable to get my hands on an SL910A till today. Since coming to the UK, they have been flying off our shelves quicker than we can grab them back.  However, there is some truth in my belated review theory and with such a review comes the ability to look at a product's test of time and how compatible it is with new accessories.

The majority of Gigaset  consumers will feistily disagree with me. Across our blog and site, reviewers have been raving about the model's intelligent and reliable use for offices and homes alike. With popularity like that, it is hard to challenge it - even though I absolutely will!

"Looks absolutely stunning in white. Lots of features to write about. The best home phone we've owned and we've had a few over the years! The display is nice and big. Touchscreen makes it quite easy to use and the speaker is great. It gets a lot of compliments from visitors to our house!"           -liGo Customer Review

SL910A Phone and Dock

"Bluetooth sync to local Mac makes address book updating beautifully simple, with a downloadable wizard. Other half's verdict: "It's like living in the future". That'll do!"                      - liGo Customer Review

What we expect from the SL910A

At the time it was released, Gigaset announced that they would be releasing the first ever ‘touch-screen’ home phone that would change the nature of the home phone business for good. With it’s 3.2 full colour interface and award winning design, the SL910 crashed in to the market with sheer innovation and a fresh new look that proved just how quick Gigaset are able to raise the bar at every round.


The Design


So let’s jump right to the aesthetics.  The SL910A is aiming hard and fast to look like a Samsung mobile and the basic button set-up at the front indicates that it functions similarly.

I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with the thinking behind this design. In a world, where a fair percentage of people simply don’t use home-phones, the knowledge of knowing how to use one is quickly decreasing. If the home phone market don’t strive to fix this then you can bet that the home-phone will find itself in the charity shop with abacus and the jig-saw puzzle that wishes it was an X-Box.

Designed with a clean, cold metallic casing, the model exudes the charisma suited to the likes of high-end offices and homes alike. Fitting like a glove in it’s similarly metallic cradle, the SL910A sits pretty as a well deserving winner of the Red Dot Design Award.


Now, if you look back to our blog article on the SL910A (linked above) you will note that all the features we expected to see on this new range. The question is - did it deliver?

Answer? You bet it did.

Like any good service, it delivered what it promised and a whole lot more. Here are the features that make this phone an outstanding model;

500×8 Contact Storage

If you are sceptical about your business becoming limited by the functionality of a landline, be rest assured that the SL910A can store up to 500 contacts and assign each of them with 8 numbers. With added Caller Id, Call Waiting and Call Transfer, it really does give your mobile a run for it’s money – especially when mobile signal is not an issue on your SL910A.

2-Way Call Recording

While I was already impressed with SL910A, this blew me away.

Now lets’ say you receive bad customer service. Struggling to picture it? Okay, lets choose at random and say that T-Mobile offer you bad customer service. Perhaps the worst you have ever had. Painful even. More painful than the service you get from a bad dentist.  Not just a bad dentist, but a 17th century bad dentist whose wife you insulted minutes previously.

In this case, we always wish that we could record these calls and take a stand as loyal customers to get the service we deserve. SL910A makes this a possibility by recording all calls and storing them for future reference.

Let’s see their smug faces now when they tell you their manager isn’t available!

Bluetooth and Personalization

Gigaset is always keen to allow consumers to personalize their products in any way that they can. With the SL910A’s Bluetooth feature, you can set a family photo as your phone wall-paper or send your contacts from your computer with ease. Busy hands? The Gigaset is compatible with headsets and offers the freedom of talking without holding the phone in your hand.

Baby Monitor

This was a little bit of a surprise from the SL910A as it wasn’t mentioned until close to it’s launch date. For me, the Gigaset saved the best for last with this excellent feature that allows you to use your phone as a baby monitor in your home. – Now that is pretty clever!

55 Minutes of Voicemail

If you experience high volume of voicemail then you need not worry with the SL910's extensive 55 minute recording time. Great for mum’s, psychotic ex-partners and PPI automated messages alike.

gigaset sl910a ligo

Without even going in to the extra features of text messaging, calenders and personalized ringtones, the SL910 doesn’t need a lot to prove it’s place as a winner in the current cordless phone market. Sure, £109.99 isn’t the cheapest phone out there, but if you want the best of the best then sometimes you have to put in a few extra pennies.

In this case, I do not think you will be disappointed.


If you would like to purchase the Gigaset SL910A, you can do so at our site by clicking here.