Gigaset’s top-of-the-range cordless phones has long held the no.1 spot for home telephones in terms of quality, offering unrivalled sound, premium build and sleek modern styling. Their latest addition - SL450A GO – is no exception and sees Gigaset re-think the home phone and plan for the future with VoIP capabilities built-in.

Available with up to 6 handsets and repeater compatible, the Gigaset SL450A is a premium phone ideal for any home.


There is no doubt that the SL450A GO makes an impression with its high-class aluminium frame and cradle. Whilst the base leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to design, the upside is that unlike most cordless phones it can be hidden out of site as it doesn’t double up as a charging station for any of the handsets. The user-interface and navigation is clean and the large colour screen displays everything clearly.


Build quality

As has been noted elsewhere on the blog, all Gigaset phones are manufactured in Germany and are built to an exacting standard. As part of their premium line of luxury home phones the Gigaset SL450A GO is constructed from high-quality materials, which is discernible when using the handset. The less said about the base station the better, but as already noted – it doesn’t need to be on display and aside from the handset locator button provides no physical functionality.


The phones are very easy to set-up and shouldn’t take anyone more than a few minutes. If using solely on an analogue telephone line the base will be connected to power source and your telephone point and you’re ready to make and receive calls. There is slightly more to do if you want to set-up the phone for VoIP calls but again this is very straightforward and clearly explained in the user manual. Essentially, you’ll need to connect the base to your router with the supplied cable and set-up an IP account to make calls.

Gigaset SL450A GO

Gigaset GO

Full-spec01As our use of smartphones has become ever more prevalent the question of how to transfer contact from our mobile to home phones is one we are more than accustomed to. It has been a frustrating problem for iPhone users who cannot transfer contacts via Bluetooth but now Gigaset has delivered an app-based solution with their Contacts Push app (available for iOS and Android).

It works with multiple handsets, you can select up to 6 and choose your contacts list or mark them individually.


With sound quality to match the impressive design and build, the Gigaset SL450A Go is a cordless phone that won’t disappoint. Whether calling in or out over landline or VoIP the clarity is excellent with zero distortion or interference on the line.

Sound quality to match the impressive design


The maximum range capabilities are up to 50 metres indoors and up to 300 outdoors, which should reasonably cover most homes. We also tested the base with an RTX repeater and can verify that the SL450A GO is compatible so it’s possible to increase the range with an extender if needed.


The SL450A GO has an extensive feature set with everything you could possibly need a home phone to do. Some of the additional benefits are listed below:

  • Can be connected to PC via micro USB or Bluetooth 2.0 (Windows and Mac operating systems). There have been a couple of reported issues from customers using Mac OS X El Capitan who have been trying to use Quick Sync but Gigaset regularly update theur firmware and don’t imagine this will be a long-term problem.
  • Handsfree via integrated full-duplex loudspeaker or by connecting a compatible headset (via Bluetooth or 2.5mm socket)
  • Picture Caller ID for the 500 name and number phonebook: you need to be subscribed to Caller ID in order for this feature to work and will have to import pictures from your PC, which can be time consuming if you wish to do it for all contacts.
  • Call-blocking: you can set up the SL450A GO to protect your home from nuisance cold callers.



We love the Gigaset SL450A GO. As cordless phones go this is a cut above the rest, which exudes quality from the stylish design of the handset to the crystal clear call quality. The price is clearly a barrier but if you’re looking for a top-class home phone that will last for years, provide exceptional sound, and equipped with the latest features then the Gigaset SL450A GO ticks all the boxes.