The Gigaset SL450A GO Black Edition is the latest addition to Gigaset’s top-end range of cordless phones and replaces the previous silver version.  Boasting the same stylish design and features (the only thing that has been updated is the colour) it is expandable up to six handsets remains a top choice for home or business use.

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In terms of design the SL450A Go is my favourite phone and I much prefer the understated classiness of the Black Edition over the previous version. The handset is lighter than older iterations of Gigaset’s luxury SL range but still has that impressive look and feel of a top quality product. Admittedly, the base station is still a square plastic box that you wouldn’t really want to take pride of place anywhere, but thankfully it can be hidden away next to your telephone point as the handset comes with its own separate charging cradle in elegantly contrasting solid chrome.

The handset also boasts a nice large 2.4” full colour display, which is probably the best screen display on a home phone at the moment. The menu and interface is easy to use and there are a number of colour themes to choose from to suit your preferences.

Build Quality

As with all their home phones the SL450A Go bears their mark of having been “Made in Germany” and comes with a 2-year warranty (a year longer than both rivals BT and Panasonic). As already noted the handset features a genuine aluminium frame and solid charging cradle so feels a bit more robust than your standard plastic cordless phones. Gigaset have a well-earned reputation for manufacturing top-quality cordless phones and this latest addition will only enhance this.

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Once again, Gigaset have made a top-class telephone with top-class sound to match. Featuring their pioneering HDSP sound protocols ensures that you can enjoy conversations in crystal clear HD sound whether connected by landline or VoIP. In each review we test sound quality on calls from from landline to landline, and mobile to landline through the earpiece and on the loudspeaker. The SL450A GO scored top marks in each test with zero distortion or interference. The loudspeaker was excellent as was the clarity of voice. The volume range should be more than adequate for anyone who doesn’t have a hearing impairment (the handset also features Bluetooth and is compatible with most hearing aids).


The maximum indoor range capabilities are up to 50 metres and up to 300 metres outdoors. This should provide enough coverage for an average sized 2-3 bedroom home (range can be affected by thickness of walls, position of base). The SL450A GO is also repeater compatible so it is possible to increase the range with either a Gigaset Repeater or RTX Repeater.

Future-proof with VoIP

For many people and businesses VoIP offers a number of advantages over a traditional analogue line with cheaper rates for international calls, multi-line features and more.

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Whist the landline is still prevalent in our society there has been a shift towards VoIP in other countries and more and more businesses have been switching to VoIP. Thankfully, the Gigaset SL450A comes with a GO box, and will work perfectly as both a VoIP and a landline phone.


With  plug-and-play setup, the Gigaset SL450A GO is ready to use more or less out of the box. All you need to do is connect the base unit to a power socket and your telephone point. If you’ve opted for more than one handset then you may have to pair each additional handset to the base. A simple process which takes less than a minute with on-screen prompts to guide you.

In order to set-up VoIP there is a bit more involved but again there are on-screen prompts to guide you through the process. The user manual that comes with the phone is far from the best but is also far from the worst and can prove a useful reference if you need further support.


As is the case with all of Gigaset’s high-end cordless phones, the SL450A GO is packed with an extensive set of features. This includes a generously sized phonebook with space for up to 500 contacts (with space for up to 3 numbers per contact). In addition to being Caller ID enabled you can also take advantage of the beautiful large colour display and connectivity to add photos to your saved contacts.

The answerphone has an impressive 55 minutes of recording time. Furthermore, you actually get three integrated answer machines: one for you analogue line, and two for VoIP. Each is kept separate from the others, to make sure your messages don’t ever get mixed up. You can even check your messages while you’re away from home using the Gigaset app.

There are a whole host of additional features on the Gigaset SL450A GO to take advantage of. From a high-quality speakerphone and baby monitor function, to nuisance call blocking, there’s everything you would expect to find on a home phone and more.

Gigaset SL450A GO Black Edition: The Verdict

Whilst Gigaset haven’t updated anything except for the colour from their last iteration of the SL450A GO, this is no bad thing and I have to say that I actually prefer the look of the sleek Black Edition. It delivers all the features you’d need in a sophisticated home phone and could even work well for a small business or home office. It is at the top-end in terms of price but provides top-end features, sound quality, design and build in return.