For most people, the average cordless phone is enough. It gets the job done with basic functions such as ringing, allows you to make calls and possibly checks the caller ID, if you are lucky. For those of you looking for more functionality and style, Siemens has come up with a viable solution.

Meet the Gigaset SL375

Siemens just added a bit of stylish flair to its Gigaset cordless phones with the SL375. Available in a black and chrome finish, this device meets the highest standards of design and ergonomics while incorporating the same great technology and performance that has become synonymous with the Siemens name. Along with its counterpart, the SL370, this is the smallest cordless phone in the Gigaset lineup. Its compact exterior mimics the look of the modern day mobile phone, making the SL370 the perfect companion for the home.

Equally Attractive Inside and Out

You are liable to develop feelings for the Gigaset SL375 on first sight. After putting the handset into action, you just might fall in love. Easy hands-free operation is made possible through a Bluetooth headset, allowing you to be more active around the home. The SL375 goes beyond other Gigaset models with room for up 250 contacts, complete with telephone numbers residential addresses, email addresses and birthday entries. You can also use the CLIP function to assign photos of friends and families, a tremendous upgrade to caller ID that shows you exactly who’s calling on the large, high-resolution multi-colour display. You may share the content from your mobile phone by transferring data over a wireless connection. The SL375 makes transferring your contacts a breeze as it connects seamlessly with the Microsoft Outlook program.

Tempting with its shiny metallic chrome and smooth black matt finish, the Gigaset SL375 offers the perfect blend of elegance and high performance. Complimenting the handset is an equally luxurious chrome charging cradle which can be used anywhere in the home. The Gigaset SL375 is the perfect alternative to the average cordless phone, more appealing and outperforming it by far.

Price Range

So how much will this stylish cordless phone set you back? Indeed, the Gigaset SL375 is slightly more expensive, priced around £79.99 because of its built in answering machine. You can save yourself a bit of money with the Gigaset SL370 which goes for about £78.99