As a division of Siemens, it is expected that Gigaset know how to create an outstanding phone, and the Gigaset S820A does not disappoint. This high-end digital cordless phone features a fantastic design, and crystal-clear sound, especially on hands-free mode. The S820A feels like a mobile phone, and bears several similar features.

It has built-in SMS messaging and Bluetooth capability for hands-free wireless operation, as well as more conventional features like:

  • night-mode,
  • call ringer silencing,
  • call blocking,
  • call forwarding,
  • low and no radiation Eco modes.

Easy navigation

The Gigaset S820A offers the best of both worlds, in that it features a button keypad and 2.4-inch touch screen colour display, as well. The phone is all-icon driven via the menu, which makes it very easy to access different features. It is also intuitive, so it will display six of your favourite functions on the screen, making it fast and easy to access those functions by simply touching the screen.



This phone has a complex design with multiple capabilities, including the ability to handle data, Bluetooth functionality, and mini USB connectivity. This gives you a variety of options for syncing and downloading pictures and sound files. The Bluetooth function also allows you to pair and connect a wireless headset in a hands-free setup.

Call handling

The Gigaset S820A comes with a built-in hands-free speakerphone, with brilliant sound quality that is characteristic of Gigaset phones. One of the most striking features of the S820A is the anonymous call silencing function, which blocks all unwanted calls, including withheld numbers, international numbers, and up to 15 specific numbers.

The phone has a built-in digital answer machine with a massive 55 minutes of recording time, though this limit might be lower if the audio recording is set to very high quality. The S820A is also expandable, as its base station has the ability to run up to 6 additional handsets, which is very rare, as not many digital cordless phones can take more than 4 handsets.


Users can also adjust the setting to suit their personal requirements, such as assigning individual ringtones, synchronising information between your phone and Outlook via Quick Sync or Bluetooth, and assigning pictures to your favourite contacts. You can also access recent missed, incoming, and outgoing calls and dial them with a single touch on the screen. The S820A can also serve as an organiser, owing to its built-in alarm clock, calendar, birthday reminder, and date reminder. The handsets also come with belt clips that make it easy for the user to holster it.

Energy saving and zero radiation phone

Like other Gigaset phones, the S820A is an Eco DECT phone, which means that power transmission from the handset to the base station is greatly reduced depending on their distance apart, which is friendly to the environment and your pocket. It also features radiation-free Eco Mode Plus, which turns off the power transmission when the phone is on standby.

Why you should be interested in the S820A

This phone has a remarkable 20 hours talk-time and 250 hours of standby time, the sound quality is outstanding owing to Gigaset’s High Sound Performance technology, and the volume controls are strategically located on the side of the handset for easy volume adjustment. Overall, the Gigaset S820A is a high performance, top of the art cordless phone that will easily replace your old home or business phone.