The Siemens Gigaset S810A IP Phone, like its Gigaset VoiP phone predecessor, the S790, is based on a highly advanced technology platform that makes it a great phone for discriminating business users and private customers in home offices.

s810HIt has an elegant and harmonious design and a host of practical functions, including an answering machine with 55 minutes of recording time, so it fully satisfies all professional demands and brings efficiency to your regular workday.

Key features include:
•    Answer machine with up to 55 minutes of recording time
•    Bluetooth headset connection and dialling on PC
•    Best-in-class hands-free talking

Complete mobility

The Siemens Gigaset S810A IP comes with a high-quality hands-free function that is fully compatible with the Gigaset L410 hands-free clip so you can enjoy more flexibility on calls. The L410 weighs a mere 30 grams for easy and convenient attachment to clothing for hands free operation, allowing users to enjoy complete freedom when making calls.


Convenient contact manager

The S810A IP is designed for professional use, allowing busy users to easily manage their growing volume of contact data for business partners, friends, and family. Its phonebook can hold up to 500 vCard entries, each with storage options for three numbers, one email address, and even a contact’s date of birth. With its 1.8-inch TFT colour display and caller ID function, you can see the name of the caller, as well as the contact number used.

Contact information can be easily and quickly maintained on the PC and transferred to the phone via USB cable, or wirelessly via Bluetooth, using the free QuickSync software. If your PC has Bluetooth function, you can set up calls via the computer telephony integration (CTI) interface of Outlook directly from the phone contact list. Conversely, you can view caller detains on Outlook when a call is received if the number is stored in the Outlook directory.

Why should you buy the S810A IP?

This is an elegant professional VoIP phone with an integrated answering machine that can record up to 55 minutes of messages in its digital memory, ECO DECT – intelligent power adjustment to ensure low energy consumption, and a host of other useful features.  If you want to jump on the progressing VoIP telephony - this is the phone for you.