Siemens Gigaset S685 IP Review - Social Network Your Phone

Calls us tech-geeks but we have a passion for our toys so naturally, we were drawn to the innovation packed into the Siemens Gigaset S685 IP. This phone is ultra-cool VOIP phone and does much more than call up your Grandmother.  Here’s the lowdown ...

Far From the Average Base

The base unit of the S685 IP can be connected to your network, the basic phone line and power mains.  It lets you register up to six handsets which is a great feature in itself.  You can configure a combination of lines and associate them with each handset.  So lets say you’re a diehard phone fanatic and have five handsets for yourself and one for your daughter.  Those lines can be configured for your usage while another can be set up that only rings the handset you gave her.

Internet Friendly

What we liked the most about this phone is its internet capability. The S685 IP supports Twitter which allows you to receive the latest tweets from your friends.  It also displays RSS feeds directly on the big multi-color screen so you can keep up with your favorite blog posts or see what the weather is going to be like before you step out.  The S685 IP supports POP3 and lets you check your messages as well.  The downside here is that you can only check one account and you are unable to register different email accounts for each handset.

Carrying on its network capability, the Gigaset S685 IP comes with a free registration and connection to Siemens’ VoIP network.  This is great because you can actually chat with friends or business clients over the network at no cost.  While this all seems to good to be true, it is what it is and right now the service is free.  Just imagine if more households caught wind of this - a lot of free internet conversations going on with no complex installations required. Now that’s cool.

More Cool Stuff

Going far beyond the average handset, the Siemens Gigaset S685 IP also comes with a built-in answering machine - integrated within the actual phone itself instead of the base.  So when you’re out doing God knows what, you don’t have to miss out on calls as it records up to 30 minutes worth of messages.  The messages are displayed directly on the handset so you know exactly who called and when.  Even more unique is the ability to retrieve those messages from another phone by entering your pin number.

Thanks to HDSP technology, the sound quality of the average phone call is doubled when dialing up your friends over the net.  This Gigaset will have you peeking over your shoulders as the excellent wideband quality lets you hear every little detail of the person’s voice.  Kind of scary when you think about it.

Final Thoughts

The Gigaset S685 IP rounds out as a truly amazing cordless phone.  Sounds good, performs even better and lets you keep up with all the gossip from your favorite social network spots.  Of course, it does comes with a bunch of extra features that can viewed as useless to the average user.  However, we’re sure there are many people out here that can take full advantage of all the technology this phone has to offer.