The fast-paced setting of today's workplace often gets quite strenuous, even if the bulk of the work involves talking on the telephone.  Cramping your muscles trying to rest the headset between your neck and shoulders, falling behind because your hands are all tied up - it can be a pain in the neck, literally.  Thankfully, the wireless headset makes for a viable solution to the problem.  Combine this with the Gigaset S680/685 and you've got a more efficient means of communication.

Highly Compatible

Both the Gigaset S680 and S685 integrate seamlessly with Bluetooth-enabled headsets, mobile phones, PCs and PDAs, allowing you to exchange data with ease.  Synchronization with your Outlook contacts is as easy with their free QuickSync application, which can be downloaded from the Siemens website.

Packed With Features

The Gigaset S680 and S685 both make great phones for a range of ages.  The menu is user-friendly, offering an intuitive interface with easy accessible keys and a huge illuminated display for easy reading. The Gigaset S680/S685 comes with an integrated card that allows you to store up to 250 contacts, each name gets up to three different phone numbers.  The Picture CLIP functions enables easy management by assigning images to your phone book entries.  If someone annoying pops up on the display, you can decide whether or not you are busy "washing your hair."

These phones carry on the Siemens Gigaset tradition with hands-free functionality.  Take your pick between a standard or Bluetooth headset or a speakerphone with a 2.5 millimeter jack.  They also come loaded with tons of extra features including caller ID, SMS text messaging and cool screen savers for simple personalization.

Eco-Friendly Communications

Both Gigasets are equipped with ECO DECT, a new technology that slashes energy consumption by up to 60% when compared to conventional Gigasets.  Transmission can be reduced significantly when switching the phone to ECO mode and reduces transmission power almost completely when the handset rests in the cradle.   Even out of the cradle with several handsets in use, as long as you're in ECO mode, transmission power can still be reduced by 80%.

Welcome your Guests in Cool Fashion

Both the Gigaset S685 and S680 can be connected to other Siemens devices including the Gigaset HC450 door intercom.  When someone rings the doorbell, you can turn on the light, speak with them, and even open the door from anywhere inside of the home.

The Gigaset S685 is the slightly more advanced of the two as it comes with a built-in answering machine capable of recording up to 40 minutes in voice messages.  Both phones make a nice follow up to the Gigaset S670/675 models.