Gigaset delivers a scalable, efficient and versatile telephony system with its S510IP PRO VoIP telephones. As communication technology can change rapidly, it has become essential for any modern growing business to invest in the most future­proof system available to ensure long­term success and cost savings.

The PRO range of Gigaset products have been developed to address just that , and the Gigaset S510 IP PRO serves the needs business users with a rich set of features and connectivity options.


Gigaset S510H PROThe Gigaset S510 IP PRO supports impressive connectivity options; including the facility for up to 6 SIP accounts, landline and VOIP calls, and parallel calls (when using multiple handsets). For hands­free communication, you can connect any conventional 2.5 mm corded headset or use the latest Bluetooth headsets for a wireless solution.

With a lot of the latest Bluetooth headsets boasting multi-point connectivity (such as the Plantronics M70); this means that you’d be able to take calls to your business fixed-line, VoIP line, and mobile from one headset.

PCs and alike

You can also connect the phone to your mobile, computer, laptop or tablet and conveniently transfer contact information so that you don't have to manually enter all of your numbers again. Gigaset’s data synchronization, which facilitates this can also be used to upload your own ringtones, screensaver images, and contact pictures.

The N510 IP base station that comes with the system can be expanded to up to 6 handsets in total; enabling you to transfer calls, contact details, and intercom between them.

Gigaset's stylish design

The stylish and high­ quality materials emphasise the durability of the Gigaset’s products, which have been built to provide long-lasting performance. The S510 PRO handset is equipped with a full colour TFT display, icon-based menus, and illuminated metal keys. The display can be used to view messages, change settings, configure connected Bluetooth devices, exchange data between the phone and computer or other device, make phone calls, save numbers, change settings and more.

Gigaset S510 PRO IP

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