The Gigaset Premium C570A is a premium new cordless phone from Gigaset. Our No.1 Cordless Phone for two years running, it boasts a slim new modern design, best-in-class HD sound, a flexible standalone base with speaker, and is expandable up to 6 handsets.

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Complete with a high-quality large colour display, and a host of useful features the C570A is perhaps the best cordless phone for the home on the market today.

Design & build

The C570A certainly impresses as soon as you lay your hands and eyes on it. It looks and feels like a premium quality home phone with the elegant curves of the slim handset, a beautifully large full-colour display, and the minimalist inspired charging pod. And unlike other premium Gigaset phones such as the S850A, Gigaset have upgraded the standalone base. No longer a functional black box to be hidden away (though you certainly still have that option) but a sleek unit with speaker, message counter, and playback controls. 

When it comes to build quality it would seem that Gigaset are still adhering to their exacting standard, and there is still a two-year warranty as with all their phones. Yes, it is just plastic but if you have ever held a BT phone in your hand there is no comparison - Gigaset will win hands down.


Getting the phones working couldn’t be easier. Simply plug it in and you’ll be able to make and receive calls straight away. You can set the date and time (useful if you’d like information on missed calls, etc.). You will need to pair any extra handsets to the base station but this is extremely straightforward - the handset will prompt you to register it with a message on the display and the steps are easy to follow.

If you’ve had Siemens Gigaset phones in the past then you’ll be familiar with the menu interface, which hasn’t changed (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!) and is fairly intuitive to use. There is an abridged copy of the user manual included, which covers all the basic features and functionality. The full version is available digitally if required.

Sound quality

This is where the C570A truly excels! Gigaset have long been synonymous with exceptional sound and their latest phone is an exemplary point in case with perhaps the clearest audio quality we’ve ever experienced. We tested the call quality from landline to landline, and mobile to landline through the earpiece and on the loudspeaker and experienced zero distortion or interference. The loudspeaker was excellent and we don’t believe you’ll find a phone with better sound quality. The clarity of voice is excellent and the range of volume is more than adequate for anyone who doesn’t have a hearing impairment.

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We cover this in every review but it’s worth retreading old ground for anyone who might not be aware. All cordless phone manufacturers will claim that their phones provide up to 50 metres range indoors and up to 300 metres outdoors. This is because they are quoting the capabilities of the DECT technology used to provide the wireless connectivity between handset and base. This is why we conduct our own test in house to give a clearer picture as a lot of cheaper models provide nowhere near this range at all.

The Gigaset C570A performed above average in our tests for range, giving  us close to the maximum range both indoors and outdoors and will be more than adequate for most homes. On the plus side the base is also repeater compatible (unlike BT phones) so it is possible to extend the range if needed.

Additional features

Gigaset have packed a lot of features into the C570A. The phonebook will store up to 200 contacts with memory for first and last names, and 3 numbers per entry. You can also create VIP lists allowing you to choose specific ringtones for different callers. There are standard features such as speed dial, answering machine, call lists, intercom, conference calls, and more.

Gigaset have new families in mind with the Baby Monitor feature, which means your phones can effectively double up as a baby monitor. When this feature is activated, the stored (internal or external) destination number is called as soon as a defined noise level is exceeded in the vicinity of the handset. You can answer the alarm using the Two Way Talk function. This function is used to switch the loudspeaker of the handset located in the baby's room on or off.

The C570A also comes equipped with Call Blocking features. The "Block anonymous calls" function, will prevent the majority of nuisance calls from getting through and to guarantee peace and quiet you can use the do not disturb function to simply silence the phone at certain times of the day or night for all but contacts marked as VIPs in your phonebook.


The Gigaset Premium C570A is the best new phone of 2018 striking the perfect balance between price and quality. It offers exceptional sound quality through the earpiece and loudspeaker and delivers an experience of some of Gigaset’s more expensive cordless phones without the hefty price tag, and outshines the competition from similarly priced models from BT and Panasonic by a long shot. You won’t get better sound quality on a landline phone, it’s easy to use, and looks great!