The Gigaset PA330 baby monitor is the entry-level model in Siemens' baby monitor range, but don't be fooled by the 'basic' tag: this monitor has everything you need to enjoy complete peace of mind when you cannot be in the same room as your baby.

Superb Sound Quality & Long Range

The clear, interference-free reception of the Gigaset PA330 is down to the 1.8GHz DECT technology. Siemens is the market leader for DECT phones in Europe, and you can expect the same high quality from its baby monitors as you can from its phones.

As a result, the Gigaset PA330 boasts incredibly clear sound quality no matter how far you are from your baby's room, as long as you are still within range, so you can listen into your baby wherever you are.

The reliable connection gives you peace of mind, and you can monitor the range and the quality of the connection with ease. The range is also excellent: up to 300 metres outside and 50 metres inside. So now you can get on with your tasks in the knowledge that you will know as soon as you are needed.

Extensive Feature List

00006366The Gigaset PA330 may be the basic model in the range, but it still manages to pack in an impressive range of features. Besides the extensive range and clear sound quality, it also has a volume indicator, a vibrating alarm and temperature detection so you can make sure your baby sleeps comfortably.

The talkback feature provides you with a simple way to speak to your baby and soothe them when they become upset without having to be present. It also comes with nine lullabies that you can activate wherever you are to soothe your baby and send them off to sleep.

On top of all that, it provides you with an energy efficient option through its voice activation feature.

Why Choose the Gigaset PA330?

The best monitors allow you to relax by giving you complete peace of mind, and with the Gigaset PA330 you will always be able to hear everything that is going on in your baby's room. It does everything you need in a reliable manner, making it an ideal option for an audio baby monitor.