Making another great contribution to technology, Siemens just added a bit fun to the simple task of answering the door.  The Gigaset HC450 offers a sophisticated, yet easy way to control the entrance intercom with your Gigaset cordless phone.  With the simple push of a button, you can greet your visitors at the door, open it, and even turn on the light for them.  How cool is that?

The new Siemens intercom offers several benefits to those who live in single-family or duplex homes, allowing them to greet visitors from anywhere in the house.  You will no longer have to dash to the front door as you can simply open it with the press of a button on your cordless phone.  Equipped with call forwarding, all of the Gigaset HC450's functions can be accessed remotely from your mobile phone.  Use of the DECT wireless standard provides a secure and reliable connection to the intercom, just as it does with all Gigaset cordless phones in your home.  Let the kids in on your way out or tell the postman to leave your package at the door - the HC450 offers convenience we could all use.


  • Door Intercom is integrated into the Gigaset Cordless Telefone System, seamlessly registering as an extra handset.
  • Speaks to visitors, opens the front door and switches on the light via a Gigaset handset.
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface from the Gigaset handset
  • Includes call forwarding to any mobile phone to enable remote control



  • Display message and customizable ring tone indicate when the bell has been pressed
  • Easy hands-free operation
  • Easy accessible labeled keys to open front door and turn on the light

Call Forwarding

  • Selective activation in case of absence
  • Automatic configuration if the call isn't answered in time
  • Calls are placed to a pre-configured extension over a fixed line extension such as analog, ISDN or VoIP


Outdoor Unit

  • Two illuminated touch keys with configuration options: single button for the bell button, two distinct bell buttons to associate with different headsets, single button to operate light relay.
  • Adjustable volume

Supported Siemens Headsets

  • Gigaset S685
  • Gigaset SL370
  • Gigaset SL375
  • Gigaset SL560
  • Gigaset S680
  • Gigaset S675 Duo
  • Gigaset S675
  • Gigaset S670
  • Gigaset E455 SIM
  • Gigaset E450

If you're looking for an easier way to answer the door, the Siemens Gigaset HC450 will soon be available at liGo, due out on 22/09/2008.  The Gigaset HC450 comes in silver and will set you back about £199.99.