One thing is clear: something is brewing behind the scenes at Gigaset's visual engineering department. Probably the camera related news which caught most peoples attention was the nifty lightning speed auto-focus feature which Gigaset has been boasting about as part of their new line of smart phones, the Gigaset Me. These phones will be equipped with 8, 13, and 20 megapixel cameras and should make for some pretty snazzy shots.

But there is more on the horizon. Entering into the world of security, Gigaset will soon be unveiling the somewhat blandly named Gigaset “Camera”, a simple stand alone camera device which can be accessed by users through the internet. The design is quite simple and responds to the markets need for an easy to use camera which does not require a lot of additional equipment.

How the Gigaset Camera Works

According to a press release from Gigaset, the Gigaset “Camera” can be easily set up and connected to standard internet routers. Once connected, the video feed is recorded and uploaded to a secure Gigaset server so that it can be accessed remotely by the user. All of the data is encrypted for optimal safety.

“Camera” will pack some pretty high tech specs, recording HD video in 720p at 30 frames per second. Data is transmitted over typical wireless LAN for optimal compatibility. It has a night vision mode making it useful round the clock, making use of an array of 30 infrared LED's to provide powerful night vision. The built in microphone also captures and records high quality audio.


We will probably get a glimpse of what else is cooking at Gigaset as they expand their boundaries into these new devices. The Gigaset “Camera” could be a great baby monitor, or a fantastic addition to home security.