For those of our readers familiar with some of Gigaset's offerings such as the Gigaset SL910A, hearing that Gigaset has finally entered into the world of the smart phone might come as no surprise. They practically already developed a smart phone as part of their innovative efforts to bring touch screens and other smart phone-esque features to the home cordless phone.

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But make no mistake: the fact that the clever folks at Gigaset have entered into the arena of smart phone developers is no small news. Offering up the world more variety in the blossoming market of powerful mobile devices, Gigaset has a tall order to stand up to with massive competitors looming large over the landscape of smart phones.

Let's take a closer look at just what they're offering.

The Gigaset Me Product Line

gigaset me cameraGigaset is breaking into the smart phone market not with just one phone, but three. The entry level option is the Gigaset Me Pure, while the Gigaset Me is the middle of the road choice, and the Gigaset Me Pro will pack in some extra features and a bit more screen real estate.

Both the Me Pure and the regular Me will have 5 inch screens, while the Me Pure offers 5.5 inch display. All of the phones have 3 gigabytes of RAM, with the Me and Me Pro operating on Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processors, and the Me Pure using a slightly less powerful Snapdragon 615.

Gigaset Me Cam - Worth a Thousand Words

One feature Gigaset is boasting about right out of the gate is the advanced camera systems they've included in their Me phones. All three phones are equipped with an 8 megapixel front camera. The Me Pure and Me include a 13 megapixel primary back camera, while the Me Pro has an impressive 20 megapixel primary back camera.

But aside from these basic stats, Gigaset has mentioned the super fast autofocus features included on their new smart phones, which are meant to make it much easier to get a shot in focus quickly or take a photo of objects in motion.

Bring on the Extras!

smartphone_me_pro blackAll of Gigaset's new phones will include a finger print scanner for that extra layer of security. The higher-end Me and Me Pro will also include a handy heart rate monitor to keep track of your pulse while exercising or just whenever you're curious.

Two SIM Cards

Another neat and unusual feature shared by all the offerings in the Me line is their ability to use two SIM cards simultaneously allowing you to use two numbers from the same device. Handy if you're into that sort of thing, but even if you're not, the second SIM slot can function as a memory card reader to boost your phones available storage.

The Bottom Line

So how much will these phones run you? Slated for release in Europe sometime this autumn, the cheapest Gigaset smartphone, the Me Pure, starts at £249. Its slightly more feature-rich brother the Me will come in at £349, with the Me Pro and all of its bells and whistles rounding off the high end at £399.