The Gigaset Elements Starter Kit..the start of a smarter home security system

The wait is now over, and we are excited to announce the imminent release of this innovative modular sensor-based system – The Gigaset Elements Starter Kit. Gigaset Elements Starter Kit

Developed after extensive research carried out in people’s homes, Gigaset brings us a modern home security kit, which will be the foundation for an expandable system that with capabilities of monitoring many aspects of the home environment.

Consisting of an intelligent door sensor, motion sensor, and base, the Gigaset Elements starter kit gathers and relays data from your home to a secure and learning cloud server, which is then accessible from your phone via iOS or Andoid App in real-time.

Whilst we are yet to get our hands on one, we will outline the what you can expect to gain from this unique product:

Applications of the appApps store

The Elements app will be available for free on the Apple App Store and on Google Play, and allows you to decide what information you’d like to be notified of. Gigaset have also advised that it will be continuously updated and enhanced to bring you even more features.

All is good

The main dashboard of the app will give you peace of mind wherever you are, by allowing you to see that all is good at your home, with just a glance.


This feature can be switched on to let you know when someone has entered your home. Ideal for making sure the kids arrive home when they’re supposed to and aren’t trying to pull a fast one!

Safety app

This will alert you to any unusual activity at your home, and allows you to react straight away. Therefore, if someone enters your home when they’re not supposed to or the door sensor detects a forced entry, you will be able to react as its happening.  This feature will have further benefits as more modules become available.

Gigaset Elements Smartphone

Future applications

With more sensors already in the pipeline, including a siren alarm, window sensor, energy managing power plug, and smoke detector, the Gigaset Elements is set to become an all encompassing home system with great potential for improving assisted care for the vulnerable and/or elderly relatives, and greater management of any home.

Expect a full review upon its release. For now, if you’d like to be one of the first in the UK to take advantage of the Gigaset Element, pre-order now.