No matter how you put it, there are only two things that money can really buy; luxuries and essentials.  When it comes to protecting you and your home,  security is a core essential. But, for some reason, the cost of good home security makes it a luxury purchase for most of us.

Fortunately, Gigaset have heard our pleas and launched their new home security system 'Elements'.  This game-changing device is a home-security swiss-army knife that will give intruders 100 reasons to back off for good. Earlier this month, Gigaset Business Unit Leader, Nicholas Ord, explained where the idea of 'Elements' came from;

"In the last ten years, most home security solutions have been associated with high installation and cost. This has frustrated many people.  For more than three months, we have been visiting our customers and talking with them, finding out what they really want."

The new 'Gigaset Elements' is set to stop people breaking in to your home without you breaking in to your bank.  Futuristic in it's design, the  stylish pod-white 3-piece set secures your home with the following assets;

The Gigaset 'Elements' Package

1. The Door

gigsaset door

Not only does this crafty door sensor tell you when someone is breaking an entry, it tells you how the entry is made.  By key or crowbar, no burglar is safe as this impressively hi-tech device guarantees that when you are out, no one gets in...

...or at least without your personalized code!

2. Motion Sensor

motionsensor Want more? How about a motion sensor that customizes itself to tell the difference between the  'normal activity' and 'alarming activity' for your household.  It's hard for even us to not be impressed with this intelligent feature.

So, if you have a dog or a poltergeist floating around, you can breathe easy knowing that the Motion Sensor will identify them and not send you panicking every time Pongo hears the postman.

3. The Base

baseWhere this security system really gets cooking is with it's commander-in-chief, the Base.  As soon as either the Motion or Door sensors detect intrusion, they digitally inform the Base. The Base then sends you a text message to immediately alert you that intrusion is occurring - Pretty smart!

Even smarter knowing that you can deactivate the system from your phone too!

Still not impressed?

Well, you drive a hard bargain but luckily for us, we are far from running out of steam when it comes to the features of this system!  You can use the Gigaset Elements with cameras, electrical goods and  smoke detectors.

Not sure if you left the cooker on? Looking after a vulnerable person? Gigaset will be your eyes when you can't be around.

We simply can't wait to try out this 007-tastic security system and according to the Gigaset blog, hopefully we won't have to wait long.  In their German blog,  the company have hinted that the UK will be able to snap up this package shortly;

"The last few weeks have been very exciting for us. Currently, we are at the final stages before our launch. The Gigaset elements app is being finalized and intensive tests are already in full swing. We will be announcing the release of the Gigaset elements starter kit soon. "

Soon, but not soon enough for us, Gigaset!