If you need the phone equivalent of a 4x4, a phone that will withstand a fair amount of wear and tear, cope in a high impact environment, one that is resistant to dust, shocks and splashes, then you are probably going to be looking at the Gigaset E630A for your next cordless phone.

Gigaset E630A Cordless PhoneUp to the challenge

This is a phone that you can use in a challenging workshop environment without much fear of it letting you down. It has a host of features that are worth noting. For instance, the vibracall feature means the phone will vibrate as well as flashing to alert you of incoming calls; a particularly handy feature when working in a noisy environment.

Dual-purpose answering machine

If you do happen to miss a call, there is a built-in answering machine with a choice of two predefined messages or the choice to record your own personalised outgoing message. You can even set it to use different messages for both working and non-working hours. This feature makes it a great work phone as you can switch over to a different message once you have finished taking your business calls for the day.

Won’t let you down

The Gigaset E630A has a number of key attributes of which reliability and resilience would aptly describe why this phone won’t let you down.

E630A_1With a trusty 14 hour talk-time range, extra-long standby time of 300 hours, shock-proof and splash-proof exterior, together with a high resistance to dust all combine to make this phone a resilient companion in some of the most trying conditions.

There’s more

Although this model leads with durability and robustness, it is certainly not short on worthwhile technical features either, like the ECO Mode Plus feature which reduces the transmitting power of the base station by 80%. Its bulky design and big answer and hang up buttons allow for the phone to be handled with work gloves on.

Why buy the Gigaset E630A?

A purpose built robust phone, designed to take common knocks and spills, together with core call features that most business and home users demand, make the Gigaset E630A among the top choices of cordless phones.