One of the biggest concerns when buying any device is its durability. How long is this item going to last? Will my investment now be worth it in six months, or will I be the not so proud owner of a broken heap of plastic? Finding a company you can trust to make high quality products is key to making the right purchasing decisions, so when Gigaset's E630 line was awarded the HTV-Life Mark of Excellence, our ears perked up a little.

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Though many of Gigaset's products have been regarded for their durability with an HTV-Life Award, every time they award their Mark of Excellence it is big news for anyone with a keen eye on consumer products looking out for the best devices built to last.

The HTV-life award - What It Means for Gigaset

HTV-Life is an electronics testing organisation. They look for signs of planned obsolescence in consumer products. Planned obsolescence is a real concern for consumers, where manufacturers make products which are intentionally built to fail. The HTV-Life Mark of Excellence is awarded to products which have been thoroughly analysed by HTV-Life professionals and found to have zero signs of planned obsolescence.

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To quote from a press release from Gigaset regarding their recent award:

“We’ve already had various product families in different price classes certified by HTV,” says Dr. Kurt Aretz, Head of Voice Consumer Products at Gigaset. “We want to show we don’t differentiate when it comes to quality – whether the phone is a low-cost, ergonomic or designer one. We want to gradually obtain the HTV-Life® mark of excellence for our complete portfolio.”

Put more simply: Gigaset's E630 product family as well as the Gigaset cordless phone portfolia are built to last. Regarded as perhaps one of Gigaset's most durable phones, the E630 is an investment which will last quite awhile.

Although the E630 was always meant to be distinguished for its rugged design, this is not the first time HTV-Life has awarded Gigaset products their mark of excellence. Many other devices, such as the SL910A, the S820, and the SL400 all distinguished by HTV-Life.