Siemens has added more value to its successful Gigaset E455 model with a new technology called ECO DECT.  I have enjoyed a hands on experience with this innovative phone to see what it can do.

Still Easy to Use

The Gigaset E455 was designed with the user in mind, making it much easier to cope with the strain of everyday communications.  This phone stands out from previous models with its effortless and functional interface and added durability. The incorporation of rubber sealing around the handset and internal membrane provides reliable protection against the common issues of dirt and water splashes.  The Gigaset E455 complies with the DIN IP 54 standard, meaning it can survive light sprinkles of rain and dust particles.

The built-in speaker phone and its volume control offer both flexibility and convenience.  When you need to go mobile, a headset can be connected to a 2.5 millimeter jack on the headset, making it easier for you to make calls and be more productive in the office or while doing work around the house.  Additionally, the E455 supports SMS messages of up to 640 characters with an integrated phone book that allows you to store 150 entries.  Offering up to twelve hours in talk time and 160 hours in standby time, this phone is the perfect solution for the avid text messenger and someone with a lot to talk about.

If you happen to miss a call, don't worry, the E45 has you covered.  The built-in answering machine allows you to save up to 35 minutes of voice messages, an operation that can be done right from your handset.  The Gigaset E455 is completely separate from the charging cradle and can even be mounted on your wall.

Less Emissions with ECO DECT

Whether you are environmentally conscious or not, the Gigaset E455 helps preserve the earth on your behalf thanks to ECO DECT technology.  This Gigaset telesphones cut your power consumption by up to 60% in comparison to other cordless phones, including other Siemens models.  As the handset lies recharging in the cradle, the base station cuts transmission power by almost 100%.  When setting the phone in ECO mode, the Gigaset E455 has the ability to slash transmission power by up to 80%, even if the handset is being used.

There aren't too many phones out there able to combine extreme ease of use and superior functionality into one eco-friendly package.  Because of this, one could say that ECO DECT Gigasets are in a league of their own.