Siemens Gigaset DX600AGigaset Communications is presenting its Gigaset DX600A ISDN and a new range of possibilities for ISDN telephony. With its elegant design and innovative functions, this new desktop phone is the perfect answer to the growing needs of the self-employed, home workers and private users. The high-quality ISDN phone is distinguished by a large color display for a constant overview, professional contact management, three configurable answering machines and an array of interfaces – from Bluetooth and DECT to an Ethernet port for connection to a PC and an a/b interface for a fax machine. The DX600A ISDN can be used as a separate ISDN system or connected to a router or a telephone system. It is the first Gigaset ISDN telephone to enable the use of online services such as online phone books.

Pleasant working climate

The working climate plays a key role in motivation, and the Gigaset DX600A ISDN has an elegant and classy look. Clarity and ease of use are emphasized: The intuitive menu is shown on a 8.9 centimeter (3.5 inch) TFT color display, which can also be used as a digital picture frame with a slideshow function if images are uploaded to the phone. Users can find their way through the menu quickly and easily thanks to a 5-way navigation key. Excellent voice transmission, internally in full broadband quality (with HDSP-capable handsets), and the full-duplex handsfree feature ensure outstanding sound quality for private and business calls. Great importance was also attached to enabling attractive ringtones: five monophonic und 16 polyphonic sounds come with the phone, and custom ringtones can be loaded using the free QuickSync software.

Professional contact management

Users have all their contacts at hand thanks to the integrated phonebook, which has space for up to 750 addresses with the last name, first name, three phone numbers, an e-mail address and birthday for each entry. The contacts can also be assigned a photo so that a face can be put to the caller (Picture CLIP). Addresses can be synchronized with a PC or Mac using the Gigaset QuickSync software, while vCards can be exchanged with a mobile phone via Bluetooth. If the phone is connected to a PC by its Ethernet port, it also offers direct dialing via CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), from Microsoft Outlook, for example. Connection to the Internet extends the possibilities even further with the addition of access to online directories and yellow pages and the ability to perform backward searches for a number shown on the display to find the name and address of the caller. There are six freely programmable function keys to enable quick access to frequently used functions or phone numbers.

Greater flexibility at work

The Gigaset DX600A ISDN meets all connectivity needs with its various interfaces. Up to six cordless handsets can be registered, and there is an analog connection for a fax machine. Two Bluetooth connections, which can be used in parallel, enable integration of Bluetooth headsets, mobile phones or PCs. The “Link2mobile” function, which will be available as a free software update as of mid-2010, will expand the mobile phone functions. Calls to the mobile phone or outgoing calls via the mobile network can then be made from the DECT handsets while the mobile phone is in its charging cradle or at a place where there is good network reception. If the phone is connected to the Internet via the Ethernet port, it can display additional online services, for example RSS feeds, weather forecasts or an eBay observer. Software updates can also be downloaded via the Internet connection.

Professional telephony

The Gigaset DX600A ISDN can be operated either as an ISDN system connected to the ISDN main line or in combination with an ISDN/VoIP router or a telephone system via a connection to the internal S0 bus. Professional phone management is ensured by convenient ISDN functions such as assignment of up to 10 MSN numbers, 2 simultaneous calls, broker’s calls, conference calls, call forwarding, call on hold and much more. The last 30 calls the user has missed are displayed along with their CLIP information. Three answering machines that can record a total of up to 55 minutes of messages can be split over three phone numbers and configured. Individual announcements and message texts for each answering machines and automatic switching between message and answering machine function by means of a timer are possible.


Designed with sustainability in mind

Gigaset Communications makes its products in Germany in compliance with high quality and environmental standards. It uses efficient production methods and recyclable materials and ensures that its devices consume little energy and are low-radiation. The Gigaset DX600A ISDN has been equipped with cutting-edge ECO DECT technology. That means that if compatible cordless Gigaset handsets are registered, users can phone in ECO mode with 80 percent less transmitting power. If the phone is not in use, the device transmits no signal at all.