The Gigaset company operates out of Munich, Germany handling international customers the world over. They develop and produce premium communications technology products, with a wide array of devices and currently bearing the distinction of being the European market leader in cordless DECT phones.

Gigaset is certainly filling their trophy cabinet as of late. Since 2010, more than 20 of their products have received awards from renown institutions including Red Dot, the IF Awards and the Good Design awards. All of these awards relate to the quality of the gigaset european dectdesign and manufacturing behind Gigaset products, and each award represents an acknowledgement from a body of experts the inherent quality within Gigaset's products. The rich list of awards is the product of a commitment to excellence and innovation in production and design which continues to make Gigaset's large catalogue of products leading names in their various markets.

Awards For Design And Innovation

The Gigaset C430, Gigaset C530 and Gigaset Dune were awarded the Plus X Award, which is a prestigious award selected for those products which are truly exceptional in quality. In its examination of various phones of various descriptions, the Plus X jury rated devices on Innovation, Quality, Design, Ease of Use, Functionality, Ergonomics and Ecology and from these criteria determined the set of Gigaset phones to be the winners. This award speaks to the clever design and endless drive for innovation which is behind many Gigaset products.

Awards For Overall Excellence

In 2014, the Red Dot Design Award was given to the Gigaset A540 and the Gigaset Maxwell. The award is for exceptional design quality. The A540 is a basic entry-level model and the Maxwell is a premium business phone. While making their decision, the Red Dot committee remarked on Gigaset's strength of design, cleverness in innovation and exceptional production quality.

Product Design Awards

The AS405, the A415 and the Gigaset Maxwell all managed to take home awards in the iF Product Design Awards. The iF Product Design has a long history stretching back to 1954 and has been a major influence on the world of product design over its long tenure. Taking particular note of the intricate manner in which the various disciplines and crafts come together into the design of a modern product, the iF Product Design is highly regarded as being a notable award typically only bestowed on the most remarkable and outstanding of products.

For the Gigaset products selected, it acknowledges their role as highly functional, useful devices, but also their place as a part of the aesthetic of the modern environment.