Consumer electronics are not designed simply to be functional anymore; evermore manufacturers are embracing Apple’s example and making products that also aim to appeal to our aesthetic sensibilities. We have come to expect this and many of us seek out products that we feel will convey something about our identity (some of you may scoff...perhaps imagining some vapid socialite breezing about a luxury showroom screaming at the top of her voice “This home phone is just SO me!!” which case you’d be entitled) but often we make our decisions to purchase based on the way something looks.

For many of our customers, choosing the right home phone is more than about features, and performance. Of course things like sound quality and range matter and factor into the decision making process (as they should) but often when the choice is narrowed down to 2 or 3 models of a similar price what ultimately makes someone choose one model over another is the design: whether they like it, whether their spouse does, whether they think other people will.

Gigaset skin

With Gigaset Skins, you are afforded the opportunity of becoming your very own master of design and can choose a style for your phone that will offset and compliment the decor in your home:

Create your own design

Gigaset Design StudioThe simple and easy to use design station allows you to choose from a wide selection of designs, which vary from abstract patterns, nature photography, metallic-look, as well as images from recent blockbuster hits (such as ‘The Dark Knight Rises’; ‘The Hobbit’; ‘Man of Steel’). Alternatively, you can get your creative juices flowing and upload your own images for something unique and special, or simple and elegant.

Easy to apply

The skins are easy to apply and cover edges and curves when at all possible, which makes a better alignment to the phones contours and improves durability. After they are printed, the skins are sealed with a special laminate guaranteeing a long life-cycle, which should last a minimum of 2-years under normal conditions.

Whatever your tastes, these high-quality Gigaset Skins (manufactured in Germany) are the perfect way to customise your home phone and get the style you really want.