There are a plethora of cordless phones on the market, many of which do nothing more than allow you to make and receive calls.  In a high tech mobile world where the home office has become a mainstay in the C475_largemodern day household, there is a sincere need for simple devices, such as cordless phones equipped with advanced technology.

Siemens has the perfect solution for the busy home office worker, or someone who simply prefers a cordless upgrade.  The Gigaset C475 is an attractive, easy to use handset offering an elegant design and superior functionality all at a reasonable price.  This phone is built with state of the art hardware and software components along with Siemens' green technology known as ECO DECT.  This eco-friendly system enables energy consumption and the reduction of transmission power, providing a simple way for thousands of users to play their part in conserving the environment.

Which? Recommended

The people at which? recently go their hands onto this beautiful phone and this is what they had to say:


This fantastic cordless phone was the highest rated model in our latest batch of testing and is a clear Best Buy. It’s well equipped and has an excellent battery and answering machine. Even more impressive, Siemens have delivered this at a low price.


Looks Great, Performs Even Better

Not only does the Gigaset C475 boast a stylish design, it also packs an extensive set of features that add greater value to this highly functional handset.  The cordless phone includes an illuminated multi-color display that enables you to communicate in a range of lighting conditions.  The enhanced speaker offers excellent sound quality while Bluetooth capability enables an easy hands-free operation.  The integrated phone directory allows you to keep contact with friends, family and business associates with room for up to 150 entries.  Extended battery life supports up to 12 hours in talk time while the built-in answering machine holds up to 40 minutes of digital voice messages.  Throw in the message notification feature that transmits SMS text messages to your mobile phone and you're almost guaranteed to never miss another call.

A Positive Green Effect with ECO-DECT

Lets be honest - emissions are probably the last thing you think about when making a phone call.  With the Gigaset C475, you don't have to change that mind set but rather, allow ECO-DECT to cut those nasty emissions for you.  This new technology allows you to slice energy consumption by up to 60% in comparison to the average handset.  The closer your phone is to the base station, the more you reduce the amount of transmission power.  When switching the cordless phone to ECO mode, transmission power is reduced up to 80%.  The environmental benefits don't stop there.  Dock your handset on the charging cradle and ECO DECT reduces transmission power almost completely.

Elegantly designed, robustly functional and easy on the planet, the Gigaset C475 just could be the perfect cordless phone.  Then again, this might be a difficult feat, especially with its hybrid IP variant on the market.