A new baby demands constant care and attention but it is not always practical (or even possible) to be with your child every second of the day. Whether nipping to the toilet, making yourself a much needed cup of coffee, or trying to catch forty winks while baby is sleeping; a baby monitor can be a useful tool for new parents.

In 2014, we will see Gigaset (who have long been pioneers of DECT technology, responsible for some of the best digital cordless phones) first foray Gigaset PA330 Digital Baby Monitorinto the world of baby monitors with three new products:

Gigaset PA330: basic, affordable, reliable

The Gigaset PA330 is an entry-level DECT baby monitor that combines basic functionality with exceptional range and crystal-clear sound. Ideal for parents left financially stretched by their new arrival, or for those who intend to use infrequently; this audio monitor comes equipped with an energy-saving mode, monitoring alarm, and a visual volume indicator.

Gigaset PA530 Digital Baby Monitor

Gigaset PA530: high-spec with LCD display

The Gigaset PA530 offers a higher specification with its LCD display, top-quality sensors (for monitoring temperature and humidity), and nightlight.  In addition the PA530 offers all the standard baby monitor functions (such as: two-way communication, visual noise-level indicator, and alarms) help to offer reassurance to parents and baby alike.

Gigase PV830 Digital Video Baby Monitor

Gigaset PV830: top-range digital video baby monitor

The PV830 is Gigaset’s top-range baby monitor, which features a sophisticated 3D camera, top-class sensors and night vision so that you can see your baby as well as listen to what’s going on. Parents often wish they could be two places at once – instead of repeatedly checking on your baby. The three-dimensional rotating camera offers an intuitive way to keep watch over your loved one, and the PV830 boasts all the DECT features you'd expect to find.


Gigaset’s baby monitors not only give parents a lot more peace of mind, they also afford convenience. And regardless of budget or requirements, these three new baby monitors offer a stylish and reliable way to gain some respite from the demands of parenting for more energy to make active use of  and cherish their time with their children.