Gigaset, long renowned for manufacturing some of the best top-quality cordless phones are now venturing into the Android Tablet market with two premium tablet models in an 8” and 10.1” format.  Bearing all the hallmarks of their upscale phones, both tablets feature a sophisticated aluminium shell and demonstrate Gigaset’s passion for cutting edge design and performance.

What do the QV830 & QV1030 have to offer?

Gigaset QV1030Whilst both models live up to Gigaset's reputation for high-quality design and build, each tablet has been designed to meet the needs of different users. The 10.1" QV1030 is Gigaset's high-spec offering, which caters to those who demand the the very best performance with its 1.8GHz quad-core Tegra 4 processor, whilst the compact 8” QV830 is more of an entry-level tablet designed to impress those who are on a bit of a tighter budget. Both measure up pretty well in terms of specification so it will be interesting to see how they are received by consumers when they hit the market in Germany at the start of December.

Top-class design

Each tablet benefits from an eye-catching slim-line design that incorporates wide angle display and a upmarket aluminium frame.

Gigaset QV1030

Basing our judgement on Gigaset's premium line of DECT phones, such as the SL910A, we have no doubt that these will be just as pleasing to the touch as they are to the eye. Whilst design is an important factor for Gigaset, they want performance to match, which is why both tablets include: Powerful CPUs, Bluetooth 4.0, USB OTG, Front and rear facing cameras, to name but a few of the features.

Brilliant display

Both tablets boast a user-friendly and stylishly large display with the entry level QV830 offering a resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels and 160 dpi, whilst the more advanced QV1030 impresses with more than 4 million pixels at 2,560 x 1,600 and 300 dpi (the pixel density is so high that images are sharper than the human eye can see) for a photo-realistic experience.

Gigaset QV1030

Generous battery life

Gigaset have always considered the needs of their users when developing new products, and both the QV1030 and QV830 benefit from a generous battery life despite their slim-line design. The QV830 offers up to 240 hours standby time, 8 hours of web surfing, 7 hours of video play, and 65 hours audio playback; whilst the QV1030's huge 9000 mAh battery capacity facilitates a staggering 620 hours of standby time.

The verdict?

Obviously we are yet to test either of Gigasets new tablets, and will unlikely be able to do so until 2013. However, on the basis of the quality of their previous products and on the specification we will wait with baited breath and keep a keen eye on what our friends in mainland Europe have to say. For now, we can just admire and hope that by the time it hits the UK the prices are a little more competitive.