Christmas is just around the corner, and while for most people their Christmas celebrations might be focused around the younger members of the family, it is always important to give the parents a little much needed appreciation as well.

Here are a few gift ideas parents could find quite useful or enjoyable with their kids or all by themselves.

Baby Monitors

The world of baby monitors is expanding in its capabilities daily. There is the classic audio baby monitor, – effectively a simple two-way radio – all the way up to video baby monitors, video baby monitors which integrate with smart phones, and ones with more complex features still. Any of these can be a great gift to a parent who needs their first baby monitor, or someone who could maybe use an upgrade or benefit from a visual monitor.

Gigaset Digital Baby Monitors

2-Way Radios

These can be great fun for parents and kids alike. An ideal way to stay in touch on family outings, the 2-way radio is completely free to own and operate and can have ranges which span many kilometres even in outdoor terrains. Take a look at the Binatone Latitude 100, which has been named our Top 2-Way Radio For Kids and can make a great gift this holiday season.


Professional Family Portrait

Perhaps more so than any other type of photograph, pictures of a child are deeply cherished by their parents. To celebrate the Christmas season, consider springing for a professional family portrait as a treat to some special parents to a photo to be cherished for a life time to come.

Babysitter And Dinner Certificate

As much as parents love their children, we all know that sometimes just a little time away from them can be one of the greatest treats. What better way to let off some steam than with a nice night out? Spring for a babysitter or volunteer yourself, and compliment the gift with a gift certificate to the parents favourite restaurant. They will be sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness and the chance to get away for an evening!

Electric Toothbrush

In the modern world there are a lot of constraints placed on every ones time – but parents especially can find themselves squeezed for time and can be overstressed, overworked and under-slept. As a result, something as crucial yet easy-to-neglect as oral hygiene can find itself put on the back burner. With the help of an electric toothbrush, however, even the most absent-minded tooth-brushing parent can get a quality clean everyday without any extra work.


Or Something Completely Different

There is plenty more to choose from! Select a gift for him or her, maybe some Electric Shavers, perhaps one or more Female Grooming Products. How about a quality gaming headset, a pair of great music listening headphones, or a new phone? Take a look at whats out there this season!