It is that crazy time of the year again, and finding the perfect gifts for the men in your life does not have to take hours of research just to break the mundane habit of getting them a bottle of cologne. Unfortunately, finding a good gift that is both pleasing and affordable can be quite challenging.

So, here is a list of some general gifts for men under £100 that you can use in a pinch to make your shopping easier and earn yourself some points when the gift is finally opened:

socks1. Stylish Birdseye Heritage Pattern Socks for £13.00

Novelty socks make fun gifts for all types of men, whether conservative or wildly colourful. But if you go this way, ensure that you get the pair from John Lewis & Co. made from a mix of ultra-comfortable and soft cashmere.

2. Coffee for £13.90


The golden rule of brewing the perfect cup of coffee is the nature of beans used. They should be whole, sustainably grown, and roasted promptly. This year, find out the type of coffee that he likes, whether mild, acidic coffee or some lighter roasts, and order some from Pact Coffee. Alternatively, you can simply let Pact Coffee recommend your first coffee. See if he likes it, and then order him 2 bags for only £13.90.

3. Thermos Tuff Mug for £34.99


Featured in Stuff magazine for two consecutive years as one of the top 15 Christmas gifts for coffee lovers, you can’t go wrong with a Zojirushi SM-KB48-TM (dark cocoa) thermos TUFF mug. Coffee enthusiasts don’t just love any coffee; there is always a preference. If your man enjoys warm or cold coffee, get him a personal thermos with vacuum insulation to keep his favourite beverage at just the right temperature for over 6 hours.

4. Dreyfuss 500 for £44.99


Looking for something funky yet functional, consider taking him to the less crowded past with the Wild & Wolf Dreyfuss 500 desk phone. This retro styled gadget comes with vintage features like a mechanical bell ring and rotary dial appearance, and a touch of modern push-button technology for present-day convenience.

5. Dry electric shaver for £73.99


A man’s razor is a very personal item used almost every day. So, you may want to find out whether he prefers a blade or electric gadget. That said, an electric razor is something that nearly all men want but seldom get around to buying one. If you want to get him a beard destructor, go for the Philips PT860 dry electric shaver with dual-precision flexible shaving heads and corded or 50-minutes cordless use. It is faster than any wet shave, and will never cut him when he’s rushing in the mornings.

Spend a bit more


If you are looking for something more extravagant for your husband, the Zepp 3D motion golf sensor is a great option. For £139.99, you will watch your man’s golfing talent grow, as the device can review and replay swings, identify weak points, compare swings with other golfers, and even offer useful tips to help build one’s game.