There is nothing quite like seeing a kids face light up as they experience the joys of a Christmas gift. If you're looking to spread some good cheer and holiday spirit this year, maybe you'll enjoy a few suggestions from this compilation of some neat gift ideas for the 2014 holiday season.


Sphero is a super-cool device in the new world of “smart toys.” Integrating with a smart phone or tablet, Sphero is a remote controlled ball which can be directed to move in real space through the Sphero app. It can be used just to move around for the fun of driving it about, or the app allows for a variety of games to be played complete with scores and tracking. The device can also synchronise flashing LEDs to music and even be used as a controller for some apps.

This is a great toy for kids, but would probably appeal to folks of all ages. One can easily lose hours navigating Sphero through obstacle courses, racing them, playing the various games or finding something completely new to do with Sphero.


Kids Electric Toothbrush

Okay – so maybe most kids wouldn't be too excited about an electric toothbrush. But an electric toothbrush can make a great stocking stuffer and when disguised as a gift can be a fantastic way to sneak a bit of improved oral hygiene into a kids routine.


Binatone Latitude 100

Recently distinguished as our best two-way radio for kids, the Binatone Latitude 100 two way radio is a rugged set of two-way radios with a huge range of up to 3 kilo meters. Perfect for kids thanks to its rugged design and quality construction, the Latitude 100 can be the centre piece of outdoor adventures or imaginary expeditions!


sonic_screwdriverSonic Screwdriver

Immediately familiar to any real Doctor Who fan is the Sonic Screwdriver – the incredible futuristic multipurpose device which seems to assist The Doctor with all sorts of tasks, from opening locks to manipulating single atoms on a molecular scale. While the toy version is unfortunately not quite as useful as all that, these toy sonic screwdrivers still make a wonderful gift for any kid who can't get enough Doctor Who.


Wooden Toys

Once the main staple of playtime, these days wooden toys have somewhat found themselves usurped by plastic constructions and electronic or even digital wizardry. But there is still plenty of life left in the old art of wooden toy making, and these toys can be both engaging aids to a child's playtime and even beautiful works of hand-crafted art to be enjoyed for a life time to come.



The easel is an iconic part of any painters set up. Playing host to a canvas in all stages of its process from conception to completion, the easel is in its own way a portal to creativity – the sturdy basis of transformation. Even if you aren't raising a budding da Vinci, you might be surprised at the creativity having something as simple as an easel around might inspire. A neat gift idea for kids of all ages.


...Or Something Else?

Of course, gift giving is a fickle business. If you don't think anything on this list would quite put a sparkle in that special child's eyes, keep your options open!