Parents and grandparents are always there to help whenever you need them, and the festive season is the best time to show your appreciation for their support. You can choose to buy them a gift jointly, or individually according to their tastes, but for people who seem to already have everything they could need, it can be a little tricky to find the perfect gift.

A good place to start is with user-friendly tech items that will keep them safe, engaged, connected, and simplify their life further. Practical gifts for the elderly this Christmas include:

1.    Mobile phones

Smartphones have had a significant impact on the world, changing how people do business, interact with each other, shop, and even spend time travelling. For some, however, the intricacy of these devices is overwhelming. Fortunately, Doro has introduced a range of Android devices to help the elderly get to grips with mobile phone world.

One of Doro’s top phones, the Liberto 820 mobile phone contains less features to make it simple to navigate, while still allowing access to a plethora of apps in the Play Store. It can be remotely controlled by family members, who can troubleshoot or update it without having to give instructions. But it does not come cheap, at £179.99.

Cheaper alternatives in the Doro line of smartphones include the PhoneEasy 624 smartphone, which also has a remote management, Bluetooth, weather forecasts, and a camera for sending video messages and sharing photos, selling for £109.99; and the Doro Liberto 650 mobile phone, which comes with a camera, email and web browser, FM radio, and secure automatic backup, selling for £94.99.

Doro 4 Mobiles

2.    Home phones

You can empower the older generation to maintain close relationships and active lifestyles with big-button and large high-contrast display home cordless phones. Phones, such as the BT 4500 come with a corded phone base, one or multiple wireless handsets, and a 60-minute answer machine. It is a specially designed home phone system that features useful technology to respond to the daily communication needs of the elderly with vision, dexterity, and hearing challenges.
The BT 4500 cordless phone has great sound quality and a nuisance call blocking feature, and sells for £37.99. A hone with similar features from the renowned Gigaset brand is the E500A, featuring an answer machine with up to 25-minutes of recording time and SOS function on the phone base. It sells for £64.99.


3.    Days out

If your parents or grandparents are more energetic, you may consider buying them an outdoor package as a gift. There are many fun and interesting things that you can do outdoors for 24 hours, as a couple, family, or group, at affordable rates. For instance, you can go on stadium tours, theatre and shows, TV and film tours, river tours, afternoon teas, or anything else that excites them, from £10.00.



4.    Personalised Photobook

Photo books provide a great way to preserve cherished memories from baby moments, to weddings, to everyday fun. It is easy to customise your own photobook for less than £30.00, and you get to not only post your favourite photos, but also choose a design and layout that you like.


Don't forget what Christmas is all about - spending time with your family and forgiving!