In the Siemens Gigaset E550A we find a device which is in many ways much more than just a phone. Taking the possibilities of what a standard cordless phone can do to their limits, Gigaset has created a versatile multi-functional device in the E550A.

Aside from its duties as a premium cordless home phone, the E550A can also act as a baby monitor, has a built in answering machine and even includes a flash light!

The E550A would not be out of place in anyone's home, yet it includes some features which also make it highly friendly to the elderly or those with disabilities. In many ways the ideal all around phone, the E550A is packed with features designed to make it highly friendly to whoever uses.

Premium Features for a Home Phone

The Gigaset E550A is a DECT cordless phone which features a battery life offering 14 hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby. This time is bolstered by the ECO DECT technology from Gigaset, which reduces the transmitting power of the device to minimise power consumption and maximise battery life.

We find all the necessary trapping to make the E550A an all in one solution for a home phone:

  • integrated digital answering machine with 25 minutes of recording time,
  • 150 entry phone book,
  • call log
  • and hands free speaker phone.

But what distinguishes the E550A is its somewhat unusual capabilities, like its ability to function as a baby monitor if desired and its LED flash light on the handset.



Also on the E550A are many premium features, like the ability to access the answering machines contents from the handset or even from a remote location by calling in.

Do not disturb mode helps block calls when you want some peace and quiet, and you can customise the ring tone with a selection of 21 different melodies to make it more pleasant when it does ring.

Great for the Elderly

With the E550A users are able to easily double the volume with the press of a single button – great for those who may have difficulty hearing, or anyone on a particularly quiet call! But for those hearing impaired who use hearing aids, the E550A is fully hearing aid compatible, meaning you can have the phones contents transmitted directly to the hearing aid.

The big buttons make it easy to see the controls when interacting, and super simple to press buttons even if dexterity is impaired.

The Standalone Base Station

One of the more unique features of the E550A is the fact that the phones base station can work as its own standalone telephone. That means you can easily take calls from the base or the handset – so even if you've misplaced the handset, you can still take that call by heading over to the base station!

You can even place calls in a limited capacity from the base station by making use of the 4 speed dial buttons which are included on the base.gigaset-e550a side

All That and More!

There are more neat designs and exceptional features on the E550A than we can list here. Pick one up yourself and explore all the wonderful little details Gigaset has included!