Perfect for setting you up in the mood for some Twin Peaks drama action, this super retro 1950s American Diner Phone is a stunning recreation of older telephones in a fully functional modern device. Connecting to any standard BT telephone jack, the 1950s American Diner Phone is ready to use straight out of the box just like any standard corded phone, but with a much more intriguing looking!

Classic DetailWild_Wolfdiner_large

The recreation of classic details is what makes this really stand out. It takes the form of an old-timey payphone, including slots for coins and even a change compartment which can be opened and closed with the included key. The payphones and coins are just for show, but can be used for fun or added authenticity. We also find a retro rotary dial face, although the phone does not include an actual rotary dial mechanism. Instead, inside the rotary dial is a full touch tone keypad for easy calling convenience.

To further its retro appeal the phone attempts to recreate the ring of a classic 1950s style phone by incorporating a real bell mechanism for an authentic ringing bell. This really rounds off its appeal as a classic recreation, perfectly capturing the look, feel and sound of an old American diner phone.

Ready For Modern Use

Despite its retro look, the 1950s American Diner Phone is fully compatible with modern telephone systems and even includes touch tone push button dialling. Easily mount it to your wall or allow it to stand freely on a desk, a fair amount of flexibility is offered in setting up the 1950s American Diner Phone, which is available in black, chrome and cream. The handset is provided with a generously long and somewhat elastic cord, letting you move freely some distance from where ever the phone is mounted or placed without restriction.