Do you remember the 80's? It's getting further away every day. Although they hadn't achieved their massive, world-changing popularity yet, the mobile phone had already been invented and commercialised by the 80's. But these ancestors of the smartphones carried by almost everyone today were not nearly as appealing. Largely due to their bulky size.

You wouldn't be keeping your mobile phone in your pocket circa 1987. More likely, you'd have a bag just to cart it around. These big bulky devices looked a lot like modern cordless handsets – although often larger. As time would prove, the design was not well received as a mobile platform. But some clever minds at Binatone took a look at this retro relic and found some exciting inspiration.


Allow Me To Introduce The Binatone Brick4Home

It turns out carrying a brick about everywhere you go is a lousy idea. But at home, a few bricks here and there aren't going to bother anyone. So Binatone took the classic look of an 80's mobile that would be about the right size to slip into King Kong's pocket and made it into a home cordless handset. As it turns out, it is much more convenient and wieldly in its application as a home device.

The device is instant nostalgia for anyone who remembers firsthand the ill-fated mobiles of the 80's, or fans of Oliver Stone's 1987 classic film Wall Street. Michael Douglas' Oscar-winning performance as Gordon Gekko was ripe with appearances of the brawny old school mobile.

But in terms of its feature set, the Binatone Brick4Home packs in some extremely useful features which are quite atypical of most cordless home phones.

Features and Benefits

Outside of its neat aesthetic (which will surely draw attention and start more than one conversation,) the Binatone Brick4Home cordless phone is quite a well constructed and highly functional device. It is literally built like a brick in that it is sturdy, reliable and exceptionally durable.

But more interesting still is the massive battery life and range Binatone has packed into this DECT cordless device. The Brick4Home boasts a battery life capable of up to 1 full week of standby time. The range of the Brick4Home is up to 1 kilometre from its base station! One of few super-long range DECT cordless phones available.

Also packed into the Brick4Home we find a great selection of typical cordless phone features, including a 250 entry contact list and a 1.8 inch backlit colourful TFT display. Also included is a speakerphone for hands free calling or cordless conference calls. A selection of 20 changeable ringtones rounds off the package with a bit of customisation possibility.

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