bt_wifi_largeAs the Internet of Things becomes a reality in modern homes and the modern world, those trying to keep up with the interconnectivity of it all might find themselves burdened with long metres of wires, troublesome WiFi issues, or all sorts of hassles that can come from trying to network a home rich with electronics.

Fortunately for anyone living among a morass of wires and ethernet cables, BT has a solution to help simplify all of your connections to corded devices.

The BT Broadband Extender 500 Kit

Looking to simplify the world of broadband connections into an intuitive and hassle-free system, the clever engineers at BT managed to produce the BT Broadband Extender 500 Kit and the BT Broadband Extender Flex 500 Kit. This brilliantly simple yet technologically ingenious solution allows you to turn any power outlet in your home into a potential ethernet port.

How does it work? Simply connect an existing internet router to a broadband extender, which plugs directly into the wall like any common utility and hooks into the router via a common ethernet cord. Take another broadband extender and plug it into any other outlet within your home, connect your device via ethernet, and voila! Wired internet anywhere in the house.


Slim Down Your Home Entertainment System

The Broadband Extender Kit lets you eliminate loads of unnecessary wires which might connect your router to various video game systems, Smart TV's, or a range of other devices which required wired internet. Perfect for gaming, streaming or any other high-bandwidth applications, the broadband extender kit allows you to take full advantage of your maximum internet speeds with no losses to WiFi or other issues.

Check It Out Today

The Broadband Extender Kit is remarkably expensive and can really take some serious hassle out of your home network. Take a look at this video for a bit more information and a visual explanation!