As summer approaches we all hope that we’re in for a better time of it than last year, but as the financial climate looks gloomier than last season, many of us will be spending more time rediscovering the pleasures of our gardens this year.

Our gardens can be quite laborious, but months of hard effort are often rewarded come the full bloom of high summer. Keeping your garden well maintained can consume much precious leisure time but there are so many useful products available nowadays to make gardening easier and more enjoyable. Just as there is a better range of garden equipment than ever before, there is now an equally great choice of cordless phones designed to withstand outdoor use – with some superb new robust models just about to reach the UK market in time for this summer, such as the Siemens E455 SIM (Pictured)

Keep in touch while in the garden

Many solitary hours have to be spent, come rain or shine, tending to even the most modest garden. You’ve probably already planted your bulbs and it’s just about time to look out the lawnmower. With an outdoor phone, gardening needn’t be a lonely pursuit.

It’s so easy to keep in touch with a good garden phone and the convenience of having a phone with you when outdoors speaks for itself. The waterproof Uniden Endura (pictured) is a brightly coloured robust phone -perfect for for tough garden use in all weathers.

No more having to dash inside to answer the phone, only to find that by stopping to remove your boots, your caller has hung up just as you reach the phone! Or the joys of having to scrub muddy footprints off the carpet - left by those who didn’t stop to take their boots off when the phone rang!

Twin models, such as the Siemens E450 Twin ruggedised cordless phone (pictured) are particularly of use to gardeners as the additional handset can be used as an intercom by those indoors to let you know when supper’s ready, etc. And if you answer a call meant for someone inside, you can transfer it at the touch of a button.

Most cordless phones for outdoor use have been specially waterproofed for use in all weather conditions and for easy cleaning when removing soil and muddy fingerprints. Modern outdoor phones have robust, ruggedised casings to protect against knocks and scrapes and everyone's talking about the new waterproof/shockproof/dustproof Panasonic KX-TG 6481 (pictured) - with integrated 20 minute answering machine - soon to arrive on the UK market for this summer.

You can now enjoy fun days in the garden without having to worry about leaving your phone outside. Kiddies' paddling pools and garden hoses present little danger to modern, waterproofed phones, and most have an IP (Ingress Protection) rating that lets you know how well protected they are against water spills.

A sudden turn of the great British weather may put the dampeners on your family barbeque – but at least you don’t have to fret about the phone while you’re rushing to collect all your other bits and pieces. And when the weather is good and the garden party’s in full swing, there’s no concern over glasses of wine, beer and fizzy drinks, etc. being knocked over your phone – just wipe away the spills and the phone will be as good as new.

All modern cordless phones have a good outdoor range of up to 300m and will work well in most average sized gardens. For those with bigger properties, a repeater device, such as the RTX DECT Repeater (pictured) can be used with any compatible DECT phone to relay the signal from its base station and increase its range by up to another 300m.

So if your phone’s base station is located in an area of your property that is quite far away from your garden, a repeater can be placed in a part of your house nearer to the garden or even in an outbuilding (with power supply & within range) to extend the range.

For extensive properties, such as medium sized farms and small holdings, the BT Elements (pictured) - long range phone is designed for rugged outdoor use and has been reported to work up to 1km from the base station!

There is also an RTX long range antenna (pictured) - available for extending the range of the RTX DECT Repeater by up to 3 times.

This summer is a perfect time to treat yourself to a new garden phone and when budgeting for your garden requirements for this season don’t forget that an outdoor phone is an essential piece of equipment for any serious modern day gardener.